Terms and Conditions

The purpose of this document is to ensure that you are made aware of all of our policies and procedures before your transaction is complete. Please take the time to carefully read through this entire document.

DrivingMBA is committed to developing competent, safe and responsible drivers. We will provide a student with the best instruction possible utilizing all of the resources available to us. We will work with each individual student and provide him or her constant feedback regarding his or her performance. We will communicate with the parents and/or guardians to the best of our ability. We will conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism and respect each student and their learning style.

Students must take all of the training seriously and follow instructions to the best of their ability. Students must achieve certain performance standards in order to successfully complete DrivingMBA programs. If a student is disruptive, disrespectful or will not follow instructions, they will be removed from the simulation lab or vehicle, the parent(s) or guardian(s) will be contacted and the student will need to reschedule resulting in an additional charge.

DrivingMBA will do everything possible to ensure a student is successful. DrivingMBA does not provide testing for the written exam(permit test), however we do have available an On-line Rules of the Road Permit Prep course that can be purchased. The course is designed to help prepare a novice driver for the written exam. DrivingMBA does provide skills testing, however, we make no guarantees a student will pass the on-road license test. If necessary, DrivingMBA will provide remedial options that will result in additional cost to the parent/student. DrivingMBA is a licensed 3rd Party Professional Driver Training Provider and we are able to issue a waiver for the skills test at the MVD. The waiver replaces the need for a skills test at an MVD or 3rd party location. There are specific requirements that MUST be fulfilled in order for DrivingMBA to issue a waiver.  A student must complete a minimum of 10 hours of on-road instruction and parents or guardians are required to complete DrivingMBA’s coaching course. If those requirements are not met, DrivingMBA will conduct an evaluation and provide feedback to the student and parent or guardian regarding a student’s readiness for a license, but we will not provide a waiver.

Parents must play an active role in their student’s driver training. It is a State requirement that a student practice with a parent or guardian for a minimum of 30 hours. DrivingMBA’s recommendation is 100 hours of practice while a student holds an instructional permit. The DrivingMBA Coaching course is recommended for all parents, however, it is a requirement for any student that is being tested for their license and receiving a waiver (if they pass the test). This course is provided when purchasing any package.

If a student has special needs/requirements it is imperative that they are disclosed at the time of registration. DrivingMBA’s policy is to begin with an assessment for students presenting as “Exceptional Learners.” The assessment is typically conducted by a Specialist to determine:

  • Is the student ready for the responsibility of driving?
  • Does the student require 1:1 attention in the Driving Fundamentals Simulation Lab?
  • Does the student require a Specialist instructor?

Once the assessment is completed the Specialist will make a recommendation for moving forward. If it is determined that your student’s learning style requires adaptations, DrivingMBA will make every effort to make reasonable accommodations. If we determine we do not have the necessary expertise to meet your student’s specific needs, we will provide you with a referral.

ALL lessons, including on-road instruction, are pick up and drop off from DrivingMBA offices. If pick up is required due to special circumstances there is an additional charge. We do this so that parents will debrief with instructors after each and every lesson. The debrief with students and parents is a critical part of the instruction.

DrivingMBA requires 100+ hours of training for all new instructors that includes observations either from the trainee or a lead instructor. All instructors are also evaluated periodically. These processes require two instructors in the simulator rooms, classrooms, or in the vehicles, therefore, there may be a lesson when a student has two instructors present.

Use of Cell Phones: DrivingMBA is a NO CELL PHONE ZONE. When entering a DrivingMBA building all cell phones, ipods, etc. must be turned off. Students will not have a cell phone in their possession while they are in DrivingMBA facilities or in DrivingMBA vehicles. We also request that parents turn their cell phones off in our facilities.

Cancellation Policies: The tuition for a package or program includes a finite number of lessons (it varies depending upon the program or package purchased).  DrivingMBA incurs significant costs for cancelled appointments; consequently, we have a strict cancellation policy.  Upon registration a credit card must remain on file in the event that cancellation fees are incurred. DrivingMBA student files and information are highly confidential and DrivingMBA takes every precaution to ensure the security of those files. Credit card information is entered into a virtual terminal where the information is encrypted. No staff member can access the information, with the exception of the last 4 digits, once the information is saved in the virtual terminal. If you are unwilling to provide credit card information then DrivingMBA requires a check in the amount of $75.00 to remain on file. In the event that no cancellation fees were incurred the check is returned to the owner or destroyed. A cancellation fee or forfeiture of a lesson will occur if:

  • Any one appointment is cancelled more than 3 times (see below for details)
  • An appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice(including rescheduling, and no-shows)

If any single appointment (ie: Driving Fundamentals Lesson #2) is cancelled more than three times it will automatically be forfeited.  This includes both no-charge and charge cancellations.  Specifically this means, if any one appointment is cancelled 3 consecutive times, we will allow the appointment to be scheduled for a 4th and final time. If that appointment is cancelled for whatever reason (no-charge or charge cancellations) that lesson will automatically be forfeited. Forfeiture does not preclude charging for the cancellation of that appointment if it occurs within the 24-hour window (that includes a no-show, cancellation or rescheduling of a lesson).  The certificate of completion for any program or package will indicate incomplete for that portion of the package if forfeited.

THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS to DrivingMBA’s cancellation policy for any appointments, including illness. DrivingMBA incurs costs when an appointment is missed and the cancellation fee helps offset those costs. You are prohibited from bringing a sick student into our facility. DrivingMBA has a duty to provide a safe and healthful workplace for our employees. While we recognize, particularly during these uncertain times, that some last minute cancellations are necessary, DrivingMBA cannot absorb the cost of cancellations. You do have the option to forfeit a lesson if you do not want to incur a cancellation fee. If it is an on-road lesson and part of a 10 hr. package, due to MVD requirements, DrivingMBA cannot issue a waiver unless the student completes a minimum of 10 hrs. of on-road instruction.

Below are the specific fees that will be incurred if DrivingMBA does not receive a minimum of 24-hour notice for cancellations, no show, or rescheduled appointments.  If a student is unable to make a scheduled lesson you must notify our office at least 24 hours in advance.

Beginner Driving Fundamental Simulation Lab Lessons – There will be a $50.00 charge for missed appointments not cancelled outside the 24 hour period. This fee will be automatically charged to your credit card on file.

Defensive Driving Simulation Lessons and On-Road Lessons – There will be a $75.00 charge for missed defensive driving simulation lab appointments or on-road lessons not cancelled outside the 24-hour period.   This fee will be automatically charged to your credit card on file.  Due to Motor Vehicle Division regulations, our instructors cannot drive with a student that does not have their permit/license with them. Therefore, if a student arrives for his/her on-road lesson without their permit/license, we will have to cancel their lesson and a $75 cancellation fee will be automatically charged to your credit card on file.

Rescheduling of appointments within 24 hours incurs a cancellation fee. If you choose not to accept the cancellation policies (as described above) that occur during the course of a student’s program it will result in forfeiture of that lesson and their certificate will indicate incomplete.

In order to avoid cancellation fees, if there is any indication that a student may not be able to attend a lesson or class, contact the DrivingMBA office at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled lesson or class and cancel or reschedule the lesson or class.  Cancellation fees are not waived under ANY circumstances, as these fees are applied towards the costs incurred as a result of the cancellation or no-show. Students and parents are responsible for lesson times. As a courtesy the office will make a confirmation call. If for any reason you do not receive a call, it does not excuse a late cancellation or no show, and you will be charged accordingly.

DrivingMBA reserves the right to reschedule lessons due to equipment or vehicle malfunctions. We will notify students/parents immediately if this should occur.

Expiration Dates, Payments & Transfers – There is a 1-year expiration date for completing the entire DrivingMBA program or package. Periodically our office will contact you as a reminder to schedule any incomplete lessons. These are courtesy calls.  If you do not complete the program in 1 year from date of purchase of the program then you will forfeit that portion of the program unless you have communicated a need to extend the program with DrivingMBA management or DrivingMBA has advised that the program will take longer.  There will be no refunds on unused portions of a program or package once a student has begun their program.  If a student is on a payment plan, the entire package must be paid in full before DrivingMBA will administer a road test even if the student has completed the entire package (ie: parent/student wants to schedule road test before the completion of the Defensive Driving Program).  Any student on a payment plan without a credit card on file must provide full payment in order to complete a program.   Student registrations are non-transferable.

Program Refund Policy: Once a student is registered and scheduled but has not begun their program, cancellation of ANY program or package for any reason at any time will result in forfeiture of 50% of total program or package tuition.  Once a student has begun their program, cancellation of ANY program or package for any reason at any time will result in forfeiture of total program or package tuition. Failure to disclose information regarding medical, emotional, behavioral issues or specific diagnoses and medications or therapies, at the time of registration, may result in program changes and additional costs.

COVID-19 Specific Protocols: We live in a new world now and COVID-19 will continue to be an ongoing threat until a vaccine can be developed. Without knowing how long that will take, and knowing we need to continue to live our lives, DrivingMBA is taking every precaution to ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of everyone who walks through our doors.

DrivingMBA will be instituting very stringent protocols aligned with the CDC guidelines for reopening. These guidelines are based on scientific data from the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and medical experts, and not the opinions or pressures of local, state or federal politicians or protestors. We will not risk the health and safety of our employees and students or their families. A zero-tolerance policy will be enforced for those who do not comply with these guidelines.

If you or your student are unable or unwilling to comply with our health and safety protocols, students will not be able to complete their driver training program until the protocols are lifted.

Staff Protocols

  • The Driving MBA staff is required to wear masks while interacting with students or parents
  • The entire staff has been trained on disinfecting protocols for the office, simulation labs as well as vehicles (disinfectants and hand sanitizers are available in every area with specific instructions on how to disinfect after every student)
  • Instructors have been trained to provide instruction by clearly articulating and projecting their voices in order to be heard through their mask
  • Instructors will also ask students to immediately speak up if they are having a difficult time hearing them
  • All staff will also have their temperatures taken and logged daily. All staff has been notified that if they have any symptoms whatsoever, they MUST CALL IN SICK!

Student and Parent Protocols
Sick Students:
IF your student is sick with any type of symptoms, cancel their appointment immediately. Any student who comes into our office coughing, sneezing, experiencing shortness of breath, or a temperature, will be required to go home. While we realize that this is also allergy season, please do whatever is necessary to help your student get their sneezing and/ coughing under control. Unfortunately, no matter what the reason, anyone coughing and sneezing will make others very uncomfortable.

Please follow the guidelines below:

  • We encourage you to take your students temperature the day before and the day of their appointment (their temperature will be taken as they enter the DrivingMBA office)
  • Your student MUST wear a mask, so please provide them with a mask (mask must cover both their mouth and nose)
  • If they do not have a mask we will provide them with a disposable mask or a clean cloth mask (to be returned and washed for reuse) We have a limited supply, if we run out or do not have a mask for your student, they will be asked to go home and you will be charged a cancellation fee.

If they refuse to wear a mask they will be required to cancel their appointment and you will be charged a cancellation fee.

We understand there is controversy around wearing masks. The CDC guidelines state that wearing a mask helps stop the spread of COVID-19 and we have a duty to our staff as well as to our customers to provide the safest environment possible.

In order to limit the amount of exposure, we are limiting the number parents that enter our facility. Our classrooms will remain on-line for the foreseeable future; only parents that meet the below criteria will be allowed access to our facility and escorted to the appropriate waiting area:

  • Students beginning their on-road program (Lesson #1)
  • Students completing their final on-road evaluation
  • Students completing an assessment either in the Simulation Lab or on-road

General Intakes and Debriefs:
We DO NOT want to lose the debrief as that is a very important part of our instructional process, so we need your help to do it remotely until all parents can visit the facility safely.

  • For intakes, if you have specific skills or problems you want addressed, or something you need to speak to the instructor about, please wait in your air-conditioned vehicle and your student and their instructor will call you before beginning their lesson. (It is imperative that you are AVAILABLE at that time)
  • For most of the intakes and debriefs, we ask that you wait in your air-conditioned car so that your student can call or Face Time, or DUO, to video chat with you.
  • If both you and your student have an I-Phone we are glad to Face Time with you
  • If you do not have I-Phones, we would recommend downloading the DUO app to both your phones and practice with using it. It is compatible with different phones and is relatively easy to use
  • If you would prefer not to video chat, your student WILL CALL and the instructor will conduct a debrief with you immediately following your student’s lesson. We run a tight schedule, so it is important that you are available 10 minutes before the end of your student’s lesson.
  • Instructors will cover:
  • What skills were introduced and reviewed in the lesson
  • How your student performed
  • What your student needs to continue to work on

Unfortunately, in order to limit the amount of exposure during the COVID19 pandemic, we are not inviting parents to sit in the back seat of the vehicle or in the simulation labs. If you feel you need to be in the vehicle, we will accommodate you on video, either through Face Time or Duo, using your student’s phone and “you will be in the coffee cup holder.”

We STRONGLY encourage you to complete the coaching class, as you will be able to listen to Kathy coaching a student in the various videos included in that course

Protocols for students and parents entering DrivingMBA office:

  • Student (or parent) will check-in with front-desk administrator
  • Hands will be sprayed with a hand sanitizer
  • Forehead will be scanned for a temperature
    • If the temp registers at 100 degrees or more, their temperature will be retaken and if it remains above 100 the student will be sent home and you will be charged a cancellation fee.
    • The following questions will be asked of each student or parent entering the building.
      • Are you or anyone in your household sick?
        • if the answer is yes, we will ask the following questions
        • have you or they been tested for COVID-19? If yes,
        • have you received the test results?
      • Have you been out of the state or the country in the last 30 days? If so, where have you traveled to? (if a student has traveled to hotspots in the United States or anywhere abroad, a Manager will be called for further investigation)
      • Have you been social distancing?
  • Once a student (or parent) has been cleared to enter the office, they will be escorted to a safe waiting area
  • During this time, we will not be scheduling students at the front desk; parents will need to call our office to schedule appointments.


  • To limit exposure, students will not be given their normal 5-10-minute break at the ½ way mark of their simulation lab lesson.
    • Instructors will ask a student if they need a restroom break or water break and then immediately have them return to the simulation lab
  • Lessons will begin on the hour or ½ hour and they will end 10 minutes before the hour or ½ hour in order to contact the parent and conduct the debrief.
  • DrivingMBA will not have snacks or tootsie pops available during this time
  • If a student needs a snack, they will need to bring their own
  • Water is available through the use of the water cooler in the break area, and paper cups are available
  • If a student wants water, in particular while on-road they need to bring their own water bottle and it can be filled using the water cooler in our office

Restroom Protocols

  • Each restroom will have disinfectant spray and paper towels available
  • Signs will be posted in each restroom indicating that it is an individual’s responsibility to disinfect when they enter the restroom and when they leave
  • Restrooms are cleaned and disinfected every evening
  • Instructors will disinfect the outside door handle after every encounter

These policies have been put in place so that we can best serve ALL of our students and we make ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS to our policies in order to be fair to everyone.   We do our best to ensure that students and parents are well informed. We will receive a notification that you have agreed to the terms and conditions once you provide the information below and check the box stating you accept the DrivingMBA terms. Once we receive the notification we will contact you to schedule your student.    If we have been unable to make contact with you for scheduling or if you have any questions regarding the policies and procedures, contact our office at 480-948-1648. We look forward to working with you and your student to produce a safe and competent driver!

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