2017 Scholarship Recipients

Gino Burleson

Macy Chittester

Blake Pulley

Meredith Patterson

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Brianna Caudillo
Girls Leadership Academy

Nathanial Yarga
Westwood HS

Noelle Miceli
Scottsdale Community College

Gianna Pasquale
Glenndale Community College

Paw Kamwee
Grand Canyon University

Matthew Murphy
Cactus Shadows HS

Arielle Merrick

Jaiden Shaw
Apollo HS

Rebeka Simpson
Girls Leadership Academy

MiYona Holmes
Girls Leadership Academy

Eddie Holmes
Phoenix College

Angela Perez
Centenial HS

Anelisa Gamiz-Sandoval
Arizona School for the Arts

Jesmine Pradhan
Grand Canyon University

Jordyn Hanna
Chaparral HS

2015 Scholarship Recipients

CeCelia Greer
Camelback High School

Lillian Mitchell
Perry High School

Lauren Jostes
Hamilton High School

Trevor Bartlett
Basha High School

Lucy Lawler
Xavier College Prep

Veronica Berdahl
McClintock High School

Chase Lund

Juliana Szewc

Chris Koselka

Catherine Koselka

Andrea Dreger

Kiera Reinen

Samantha Schutkowski

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Connor Baker
AZ School for the Arts

Noah Bernardo
Veritas Prep Academy

Lyndsey Frauen
Appollo HS

Brandon Gaines
Desert Vista HS

Taylor Johnson
Fountain Hills HS

James Kovarik
Veritas Prep Academy

Marcel Perez
Centennial HS

Jade Poblano
Xavier College Prep

Rachel Renaud
Agribusiness & Equine Center

Megyn Martinez
Mesa HS

Noah Cress

Hailey Greer
Southridge High School

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Bridgett Messmer
completed her program in August 2013.

Sean Ordiway
Sean completed his program in September, 2013.

Alyssa Reinen
completed her program in September, 2013.

Jessica Schaefer
completed the on-road evaluation in January 2014.

Bianca Carrillo,
completed her program on February 13, 2014.

Sarah Tenpenny
ompleted her program on June 21, 2014

Rebekah Gonzales

Selena Lathan

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Justin, Kyle and Cameron Jordan
were awarded D.R.I.V.E. Certification package scholarships in July, 2012

Jin Pyon
Desert Mountain High School

Caeleena Bowers,
Chandler High School

Samantha Baker
Arizona Charter Academy

About Red Means Stop

How Scholarships are Awarded:

The scholarships are specifically earmarked for, and will be awarded to families who demonstrate an economic hardship and cannot afford driver training for their student.

  • In order to be considered for a Red Means Stop (RMS) driver training scholarship the student must be eligible for their learners permit within a 3 month window (student must reach the age of 15 years and 6 months within 3 months of receiving the request for application)
  • Fill out the “Request for Application” found on the RMS Scholarship Program webpage
    • Once we receive the request for an application and determine “a need has been established” we will send a link for the on-line application
  • When we receive your application, you will receive a notification that your application was received.

The Red Means Stop Board reviews all applications.   The next steps are:

  • You will be notified via e-mail as to whether your application was accepted for this round.  (If it is not accepted, you are welcome to resubmit at another time).

If you move forward in the process:

  • The student and parents will be invited to a DrivingMBA facility for a tour and an interview with several Board Members.

If a student is awarded a scholarship they must:

  • Begin the program in earnest within a 6 month window or the scholarship will be forfeited
  • Have transportation to a DrivingMBA facility
  • Complete the program as recommended by DrivingMBA and within 1 year unless otherwise specified by DrivingMBA

Parents or Guardians must:

  • Accompany the student on a tour of a DrivingMBA facility to learn about the program and what they will receive through the scholarship program
  • Sign an agreement for photos, videos, media exposure
  • Sign all of DrivingMBA necessary paperwork, including DrivingMBA’s cancellation policy and an agreement for photos, videos, media exposure
  • Attend a Parent Class as part of the program
  • Be willing to practice with the student in order to gain proficiency
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