The Myth of Multi-Tasking and Why It’s Dangerous for Teen Drivers


The National Safety Council has created a series of articles and infographics about the myths of driving, the importance of defensive driving skills, and how distracted driving kills more teens in the United States than suicide. The brain is constantly functioning as we switch from task to task, and even while our brains toggle between tasks, they’re not wired to do two things at once. Engaging in more than one task, while concentrating on the complexities of driving, will drastically decrease a person’s ability to react to a situation, or potential crisis, quickly and safely. Teenage brains react even slower because their brains are still developing – specifically cognitive function and decision making. Our brains don’t fully develop until we’re well into our 20’s. So, if full-grown adults struggle with (the myth of) multitasking behind the wheel, imagine how the teenage brain functions while driving with a mobile phone, loud music, or too many passengers in the car. Check out the infographic¬†below and log on to the NSC’s website for more information about multi-tasking and distracted driving.


multi tasking


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