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I was recently on a conference call with Dr. Martina Cartwright a leading Scientist and Denise Blommel, Attorney, both very gracious and knowledgeable women. This was an opportunity to learn more about how to protect our employees and they provided us with some very useful information and resources that I would like to pass on to you.

Dr. Cartwright talked about the typical symptoms of COVID being sore throat, fever, and sometimes loss of smell. For those who contract COVID-19 in its mild form the symptoms are reminiscent of a flu and a general feeling of malaise. The CDC continues to update symptoms as they continue to learn more about this ever-changing virus. At its worse, however, it causes acute respiratory distress syndrome, profound edema, high fever and shortness of breath and can cause overwhelming blood clotting and multiple organ dysfunction. As we have heard from the beginning, it can be particularly dangerous with those with heart and/or lung disease, Diabetes, COPD, smokers, or anyone that is immunocompromised.

Dr. Cartwright also spoke about the use of hand sanitizer, that it is not enough to simply spray it on our hands, but that the friction and vigorously rubbing our hands together will kill the virus. The same is true when we are washing our hands, it is essential to rub our hands together. We need to teach our children how to properly wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.

She also spoke about how the virus is temperature and humidity sensitive. Outside in our 110+ degrees and low humidity the virus doesn’t live long, but inside closed quarters where there is air conditioning and higher humidity the virus lives much longer, up to 145 minutes. That is why being in closed quarters with other people creates far greater risk of transmission than if you are inside with a limited number of people.

Dr. Cartwright also touched on Herd Immunity, she believes in herd immunity but it works with some viruses and not with others, for example it doesn’t work with HIV. She said they just are not sure about this particular virus yet and that they are learning as they go!

Below are several resources Dr. Cartwright provided:

  1. Click Here for the airborne decay information website
  2. Video about how soap works on COVID
  3. Video about how sanitizer works
  4. Link to home test that is FDA approved and available.
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