Our History

Driving Our Passion

Since 2003

To date, over 15,000 teens, adults and seniors have graduated from the program to become safer, more responsible and confident drivers.

When Richard and Maria Wojtczak moved from Michigan to Arizona in 1998 after retiring from Ford Motor Company, their plan was to enjoy the warm climate. In 2002 after being in their new hometown for several years, a disturbing car crash that killed four teenagers from their community caught their attention. Coming from the Motor City, and a lifetime spent in the culture of the automotive industry, they were acutely sensitive to the issue of safe driving. At the time, their daughter was a pre-teen and after a series of tragic car collisions caused multiple teen fatalities that devastated the community, Richard and Maria Wojtczak decided something needed to be done.

They began investigating driver training programs and were shocked at the lack of adequate education and state regulations required to obtain a driver’s license in Arizona. At the time, novice drivers were not required to drive on a freeway before getting a license, and the required hours behind the wheel were not enough to keep teen driver safe.

Richard spent his 30+ year career at Ford Motor Company in Information Technology and Maria built her 25+ year career in organizational change programs – including training and coaching high-profile executives in change management. With their combined expertise, they designed and pioneered a modern, technology-driven, science-based driver education program unlike any other program in the country.

In 2003, The Wojtczaks opened DrivingMBA, a revolutionary experiential driver-education program in Scottsdale, Arizona, using state-of-the-art simulators – similar to the simulators used to train airline pilots and police. In 2004, their good friends, Charlie and Laura Sobzcak, invested in the company and began working with the Wojtczaks to continue the important work they had started.

In 2007, DrivingMBA combined its simulation-based program with on-road driver training to provide a more comprehensive training package for novice drivers. Before 2007 DrivingMBA had partnered with two different private driving schools to provide the on-road instruction. DrivingMBA’s 30-hour program consists of simulation, on-road and classroom instruction in addition to a class specifically tailored for parents of teen drivers. Within a few years, DrivingMBA began offering courses in manual transmission and developed specialty programs for exceptional and learning challenged students, senior citizen driving assessments and refresher programs, novice adult driving programs, and corporate fleet drivers.

Our Program is Based on Three Primary Driving Education Pillars

1. Driving Theory

In Classroom:

  • Basic rules of the road
  • Defensive Driving Theory
  • Safety and Basic Maintenance
  • Coaching Class to provide parent/coach with useful information and tips and techniques to practice with their teens.

2. Experiential Learning

Driving Simulation Labs:

  • Use of advanced driving simulators demonstrates practical applications in a safe environment
  • Use of proven techniques to maximize teen learning
  • Properly prepare teen for responsibility of driving with individualized course-work

3. On-Road Instruction

In Vehicle:

  • Instruction to ensure thorough application of learned skills
  • Overcome stressful situations, gain comfort and confidence behind the wheel
  • Practice of safe and defensive driving skills

Values that Drive Our Business



We deal honestly and fairly with everyone. We respect and trust one another.

Customer Service

We treasure customer relationships and we provide customers with experiences that have lasting value. We make commitments with care, and we do what we say we are going to do.


Our services are the result of our efforts and they are delivered with an uncompromised standard of excellence.

Investor Commitment

We are driven to accelerate the growth and success of our investment and enhance shareholder wealth by demonstrating superior results. In this way, we can increase our influence and ability to effect positive change.

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to enhance our value to the community. In all that we do, we strive to do the right thing.

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