Celebrating 20 Years of keeping teens safe on Arizona roads


Maria and Rich Wojtczak
DrivingMBA Founders & Owners

It’s our Anniversary – Celebrating 20 Years of keeping teens safe on Valley roads. We’d like to thank all our customers – past – present – and future for trusting us with your young adults as they navigate becoming licensed drivers. We know how stressful it is for you as parents and for the students as well. We are confident that no other driving school produces drivers as prepared as our students who take our comprehensive program and follow the curriculum.

“Since opening in November 2003, our singular mission has been to provide teen drivers with the training and tools necessary to become competent, responsible and safe solo drivers,”
said Maria Wojtczak, Chief Operating Officer at DrivingMBA.

“Our system is unlike any other driving program available in Arizona and the whole country.” Maria Wojtczak, COO

20th Anniversary Open House Celebration

Come and celebrate with us!

WHEN: Thursday, November 16th
TIME: 12 pm to 2 pm
WHERE: DrivingMBA – Scottsdale office

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Mary Albanese
Mary manages enrollment and marketing for DrivingMBA. Mary lost a 20-year-old stepson as a passenger in an accident in 2005. Her passion for being part of a program whose sole goal is to create safe, competent drivers comes through in everything she does for DrivingMBA.


  1. David Nance

    How much does this cost?

    • Maria Wojtczak

      We have several different options, that depend on where your student is in the process and what you want to include in your package. We will be more expensive than other schools, and you simply do not receive the comprehensive training that DrivingMBA provides at any other school.

  2. Jalal El amrani


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  3. Maria Wojtczak

    I am sorry, I am not clear as to what your company does. I have googled your company, your website does not work, therefore, I am not interested at this time.

  4. Benita

    My son is 22 can he take the course


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