March is Red Light Running Awareness Month

March is Red Light Running  Awareness Month

Every year since 1999, Arizona Governors have proclaimed, March, as Red Light Running Awareness Month. It is good to be reminded. When your light turns green, it is best to wait a few seconds and look left, center, right and left again to make sure the other drivers are stopping. Unfortunately Arizona remains in the top 5 states in the country for red light running.

Every day should be red light running awareness day! DrivingMBA teaches their students to be responsible, slow down and prepare to stop on yellow and that RED MEANS STOP! They also teach their students to be hyper aware at intersections and scan, scan, scan, as that is the only way to protect yourself from red light runners.



Maria is the Co-founder and COO of DrivingMBA. She has over 20 years of organization development experience working with a wide range of organizations. In addition to the use of traditional organization development techniques, she is highly skilled in large systems change and organization learning, with formal training in both specialties. She has extensive experience in the field of adult learning concepts, and in the design and facilitation of adult learning experiences and interventions at all levels, and sizes of organizations.

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