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DrivingMBA is featured by the Arizona Business Gazette. The article by Georgann Yara focuses on our simulator training and how it separates DrivingMBA from other driving schools. You can view the completed article on AzCentral.com (Click Here).

Below is an excpert from the article.

This is how Dee Dee Adelayo discovered DrivingMBA. Her daughter Bolaji, 17, is a cautious person to begin with and Adelayo admitted the idea of her firstborn learning to drive freaked out her and her husband.


But when Bolaji’s friend, who is just as risk-averse, got her license after completing the DrivingMBA course, that gave Adelayo a good place to start. After researching, reviewing every online testimonial and speaking with her friend’s mother, she enrolled Bolaji in the program and even added extra on-road lessons.


When it came time to take the test, Bolaji failed it twice due to anxiety, Adelayo said. The instructors knew she had the knowledge and skills, so on the third try, they told her it was only a test run. She effortlessly passed.


“All the instructors knew she could do it. We knew they cared,” said Adelayo, who lives in Peoria.


Bolaji has been a licensed driver for a few months. Adelayo has noticed an increase in her confidence in driving and other aspects of her daily life.


“I can’t believe how far we’ve come. She picks up her sisters after school and I don’t have to worry,” Adelayo said. “Every parent should do this. They taught her everything, so she’s not winging it.”

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Mary Albanese
Mary manages enrollment and marketing for DrivingMBA. Mary lost a 20-year-old stepson as a passenger in an accident in 2005. Her passion for being part of a program whose sole goal is to create safe, competent drivers comes through in everything she does for DrivingMBA.


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