Driving school vs. home lessons: Are your teens prepared?


In Arizona, most in-school driver training programs are long gone — victims of budget considerations and liability concerns. Many parents opt to pay for private driver training programs, while others try to teach teenagers the basics independently. In this segment, ABC 15 investigates private driver training to try and determine the value of private teen driver training.

Driving MBA’s very own Maria Wojtczak is interviewed in the news segment, below, you will find a quote from the segment and a link to the direct news video.


“I own a driving school, so I’m pretty biased,” says Maria Wojtczak, co-founder of Driving MBA. “In the US, we talk about it being a privilege, but we really treat it as an entitlement.”

In Wojtczak’s program, teenagers first learn on a simulator before hitting the road with an instructor. They then face another simulator that can mimic dangerous situations the teens may one day encounter in a real car, like a tire blowing out at freeway speeds.


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Driving school vs. home lessons: Are your teens prepared?

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