Distracted Driving and DrivingMBA Featured in 2 Local Arizona TV Spots


With the number of teen driving deaths on the rise in Arizona, many are looking at distracted driving as the culprit.  With most teenage drivers carrying cell phones the temptation to answer a text or take a call while driving is difficult to overcome.  One of the best ways to learn the dangers is from experience, but in the case of distracted driving your first experience might be your last.  The good news is that DrivingMBA can provide that experience through driver simulation and help teens live the experience in a controlled environment.  The videos below not only illustrate the danger of distracted teen driving, but more importantly showcase how the training at DrivingMBA can save your teens life.

Simulator Training to Help with Distracted Driving (Channel 12 News)


Distracted Driving in Arizona (Channel 3 News)



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