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DrivingMBA caters to new driving students living with learning challenges.

We are committed to helping teens with learning challenges become safe and successful drivers. DrivingMBA uses trusted, science-based, educational models to customize our programs for Exceptional Learners.

Students with ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder, OCD, Crohn’s Disease, Bi-Polar disorder and other challenges are often turned away from driver education programs. Most driving schools teach to a simple test which entails vehicle handling and the very basics of driving. They are not equipped with the tools or the experienced staff to work with exceptional learners. 

DrivingMBA has a team of experienced instructors who understand how exceptional students with challenges learn and process information. We offer a safe and nurturing place for students to learn and experiment with driving in a virtual environment. Our Specialists will provide feedback on the student’s progress and what it will take to get them road ready.

There is growing evidence that teen drivers diagnosed with Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have more collisions than teen drivers without ADHD. Often, parents of adolescents with ADHD find it very difficult to work with their student in developing the skills and the behaviors necessary to become safe and responsible drivers. Students with ADHD and other co-morbidities such as Anxiety, OCD, or Panic Disorder, can sometimes present even greater challenges. The DrivingMBA staff works closely with students and parents to develop appropriate strategies to address a student’s specific needs.

Drivers with ADHD 62% more likely to crash their cars in the first month after receiving their license

More likely to experience a crash during the first four years of having their license, regardless of their age when obtaining a license

More likely to be issued a moving violation within the first year of driving

Our Adaptive Driver Training

This package has been specifically adapted for exceptional learner students. The program begins with a single 1:1 lesson with one of our specialists, who will provide a thorough and honest assessment of the student’s driving ability, if the timing for driver training is appropriate,  and provide feedback as to whether the necessary support system is in place to continue to meet the student’s needs.

01. 1 on 1 Driving Assessment

A DrivingMBA specialist will work with the student during a single 1:1 lesson to conduct a thorough, realistic assessment of the student’s ability to operate a vehicle and understand the fundamentals of driving. The instructor will also assess if the student has the tools and support system at home to continue to learn and practice the program. Family support and engagement is a critical part of the process – ongoing learning and supportive interaction with the student will increase their confidence and sense of security. 

02. Driving Fundamentals Simulation

The second step in our Exceptional Learning program is to begin the 1:1 Driving Fundamentals Simulation Lab lesson. DrivingMBA has specialists that are assigned to each, individual student. The instructor will provide the parent (or guardian) with a recommendation for the student’s realistic preparedness, and will work with the student, and parent, to develop a learning plan for next steps. This gives a family the opportunity to decide if the timing is right for the student.

03. On Road Instruction

Exceptional learners require a great deal of time, commitment and patience to develop safe driving skills. Students learn at different paces, so the amount of time it takes is different for every student. DrivingMBA’s on road instruction course for Exceptional Students is designed in increments of one or two lessons at a time. DrivingMBA specialists will continue to instruct and assess a student’s ability and readiness for the responsibility of driving. Just as with our typical students, if a student accumulates 10 hours or more of on-road instruction, we can administer the skills evaluation and if the student passes the test we can waive the test at the MVD. While we will adapt the training for exceptional learners, they must be able to pass the same rigorous test that our typical students must pass.

04. Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving is a critical part of our educational program. This course provides a student with the opportunity to experience “what-if” scenarios and learn from their mistakes. This course provides training in high risk situations  and four key focus areas: hazard recognition, vehicle handling, space management, and speed management.

This program is for licensed drivers or novice drivers, with a minimum of 25 to 30 hours of on-road experience, who are comfortable driving on major surface streets and freeways. For Exceptional Learning (EL) students, getting to this point in the process could take months to years, depending on their level of challenges. Because of that, this course is offered A La Carte, as an add-on, when the student is ready for this level of training. 

Your driving program is so much more than just achieving license status! You are helping our teens recognize the importance of rolling with the punches and seeing the world through a lens of shared responsibility. And you would be happy to know that this quarantine has given my son the time to drive on roads that are less crowed and we have successfully entered the stage that he is READY to re-enegade with the licensing process. Yeah! You were correct when you said it will come, on his timing 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
Monica S.

Hear from Parents of Exceptional Learners

Watch the video below to hear from parents of exceptional learning students that have completed the DrivingMBA program.

Our Value

Driving instruction specifically adapted for exceptional learner students.

At DrivingMBA we have designed driver education programs that help reduce the risk of death and the magnitude of injury caused by teen drivers. Our comprehensive approach to driver training combines the use of state of the art simulation labs, on-road instruction, and classroom education, to teach students how to become smarter, safer, more responsible drivers for life.

Adaptive Driver Training Package

Designed specifically for Exceptional Learners

1:1 Lesson/Assessment in our Driving Fundamentals Simulation Lab (2 hrs)
1:1 Lessons Driving Fundamental Simulation Lab (6 hrs)
Two Part Coaching Class
*On Road – Sold in increments of 1 to 2 lessons at a time
*Defensive Driving – Can be Added

ADOT MVD Authorized Third-Party Providers

Driving MBA is authorized by ADOT to provide driver's license services, including written and road tests. Click here to learn more about the authorized third-party program.

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Our customers realize the value of our driver training and appreciate the peace of mind it brings to know that their teen driver has the training needed to stay safe on the road.

Thank you so much Driving MBA. Two of my kids graduated from your program, and I am very happy with the results. I have 2 very safe drivers. I appreciate how well your program is run and all the excellent information you provide to both students and parents. Thank you for everything you do.

Susie Rojas

Google Review

I have three children, all of whom have done different driving schools to learn to drive. DrivingMBA is by far the most thorough, comprehensive, and effective driving school we have used. I feel my son is very prepared and is an educated driver. It costs more, but it is worth it.

Jennifer Groman

Internal NPS Review

Driving MBA we’re very good and patient with my 17 year old son. They spent a lot of time with him during his lessons and taught him above and beyond what I would have done. Highly recommended to teach your aspiring young driver. Thank you Driving MBA.

Alex Friedman

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