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Real life consequences

At DrivingMBA, we use some of the most advanced vehicle driving simulators available.

Technology that helps save lives.

Our state of the art driving simulators help ensure that teen drivers and adult drivers receive realistic and useful hands on driver training. In our driving simulators, students learn how to interact with traffic, learn traffic rules, and how to recognize and respond to traffic signs and signals in realistic, high-density traffic situations. These are the critical skills that require the most time to learn during practice driving lessons on the road. Training in our driving simulators allows students to develop skills more efficiently and effectively compared to traditional in-car training.

A Driving Simulator Provides A Safe, No Stress Environment

Our driving simulator instructors create a variety of intense driving situations and environments that require students to make quick decisions, but in a safe environment. Our trainers can play back recorded scenarios to teach students the correct response to specific situations, providing immediate feedback to help students develop critical decision making and judgement skills. Our trainers then coach students how to better handle the situation, then repeats the exercise again. This fast and systematic feedback increases the speed at which the student develops the necessary skills.

ADOT MVD Authorized Third-Party Providers

Driving MBA is authorized by ADOT to provide driver's license services, including written and road tests. Click here to learn more about the authorized third-party program.

Our Value

So We Ask Again, "What Is Your Childs Safety Worth?"

At DrivingMBA we have designed driver education programs that help reduce the risk of death and the magnitude of injury caused by teen drivers. Our comprehensive approach to driver training combines the use of state-of-the-art simulation labs, on-road instruction and classroom education, to teach students how to become smarter, safer, more responsible drivers for life.

Most Popular Teen Driving Package

Designed Specifically for Young New Drivers

8 hrs. Driving Fundamentals Simulation Lab
2 hrs. On-line Responsibilities of Driving class
Two Part Coaching Class

On-road: 6, 8, 10, 30 hour options
(includes comprehensive final evaluation)

2 hr. On-line Orientation to Defensive Driving
6 hr. Defensive Driving Simulation Lab
We offer numerous packages to fit your teens specific need. Please contact us so we can help you select the right program.

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You're in good company

Our customers realize the value of our driver training and appreciate the peace of mind it brings to know that their teen driver has the training needed to stay safe on the road.

Thank you so much Driving MBA. Two of my kids graduated from your program, and I am very happy with the results. I have 2 very safe drivers. I appreciate how well your program is run and all the excellent information you provide to both students and parents. Thank you for everything you do.

Susie Rojas

Google Review

I have three children, all of whom have done different driving schools to learn to drive. DrivingMBA is by far the most thorough, comprehensive, and effective driving school we have used. I feel my son is very prepared and is an educated driver. It costs more, but it is worth it.

Jennifer Groman

Internal NPS Review

Driving MBA we’re very good and patient with my 17 year old son. They spent a lot of time with him during his lessons and taught him above and beyond what I would have done. Highly recommended to teach your aspiring young driver. Thank you Driving MBA.

Alex Friedman

Facebook Review

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