Drivers Permit Prep


Rules of the Road Permit Prep Course

DrivingMBA’s Online Permit Prep Course is an interactive overview of information found in the Arizona Driver’s License manual.

This course is designed to review information necessary to understanding the rules of the road for the state of Arizona. The goal is to help students gain an understanding of these rules, how they apply to practical driving, and what information or questions would be found on the permit test.

The class is broken down into different levels and missions to make it easier to manage studying with a variety of schedules. The whole course takes approximately 3 hours but can be completed at a student’s chosen pace. It can be stopped and started, and missions can be repeated as desired. Each mission includes visual demonstrations or images, along with a verbal explanation to help a wide range of learners understand the importance and meaning of different road rules.

All students are able to interact with the course administrator, who is an experienced and fully MVD and Department of Ed Certified Trainer with DrivingMBA. If a student has questions or needs clarification on concepts, they are able to reach out to the trainer throughout the program and get feedback or clarification directly. Students take small quizzes throughout the course with questions similar to what they will find with the MVD’s permit test, which can help them prepare for the actual permit test.

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