Why Driver Training Is Important


DrivingMBA is going into its 10th year of operation and I would be lying if I didn’t say it has been a struggle. Those of you that know us, know the passion and commitment we have about working with students. For many of our instructors, for Rich and I, and others that have invested their time and money, this is a labor of love. We have kept our head above water in one of the worse economic downturns in the history of this country, and it hasn’t been without sacrifice.

This latest development with the MVD hasn’t helped. Instead of doing what a regulatory agency should do, conduct comprehensive audits and weed out poor performing schools, they chose a blanket decision and penalized all of us. The article that was featured in the AZ Republic on October 18th was damaging and has left the public wondering “why bother?” I’ll just teach my kid myself.”

I have said numerous times, we all know how to drive, some better than others, but teaching a new driver takes a lot more than that!! Parents that have taken the time to participate in our Parent Class have walked away saying: “I learned a lot”, “this was invaluable”, “this was worth the time”. They understand what we mean when we say teaching a new driver to be safe and responsible is a significant undertaking.

So, what’s my point? Please help us spread the word and let other parents know why it is important to invest in good driver training. Encourage them to visit our school. We know we are expensive when you compare the cost of our programs with other driving schools and it is important to understand why. Those of you that have chosen DrivingMBA have seen, and more importantly experienced, the difference.

I urge parents to consider what you invest in extracurricular activities such as sports, dance, music lessons, you name it. When you do the math, the investment is huge – I know, my daughter was in competitive cheer and I was shocked at what I was spending when I actually sat down and did the math!! The investment in driver training is an investment in their safety. The skills they learn here could save their life. So you tell me, what is more important – for them to become good at sports, dance, piano, or knowing what to do in a myriad of circumstances that could happen on the road? All of those activities they are involved in are important, but teaching them how to drive should be given at least equal or more attention.

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Maria Wojtczak
Maria Wojtczak is Chief Operating Officer at DrivingMBA. She has extensive knowledge in teen brain development and has pioneered many techniques used to teach students at DrivingMBA. Her passion for teaching and saving teen lives has made her a leader in the driver training industry.


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