When is a Teen Really Ready to be Licensed?


The AAA Foundation recently released a study indicating that most teens are not exposed to diverse driving experiences before licensing. In this study the amount of weekly driving greatly varied among families ranging from 20 minutes to hours each week. 68% of parents reported that their driving experience with their teens was limited because of busy schedules for both parents and the teens. Most of the driving done with the teens were routine trips utilizing the same routes. That means they were not getting exposure to different types of traffic situations. 37% of these parents also allowed their teenager to get a license even though they were not comfortable with their teenagers ability to drive in certain situations. Click here to read the entire article.

One of the topics we cover in our Parent Class is the fact that most teens have very little supervised driving hours and have their license. These teens pass a cursory test at the MVD and parents take the fact that they “passed the test at the MVD” as an indication that their child is ready to be a licensed solo driver. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. In many states around the country the requirements to get a license are abysmal. In the state of Arizona a parent can sign off that their student has had “30 hours” of supervised driving without having to provide any proof. Many of these teens have less than 30 hours because most parents do not require their teen to log their driving hours. So, in accordance with the AAA findings, their teen does the same route over and over again, lulling parents into thinking “great, they know how to drive so they’re ready to get a license,” when that really is not the case at all.


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