Rules for First Time Drivers


Most every teen has heard the same speech from their teachers and parents about not texting and driving; but there are more rules to being a safe driver than just putting down the cell phone. We should always be alert and aware of what is going on in and outside of our vehicle. But we should also remain calm, cool, and collected. Let’s take a look at the rules that every first time driver should follow.

Make Adjustments

The first rule of driving is to adjust the vehicle to fit our needs. Making adjustments to our vehicle makes us feel comfortable behind the wheel, in turn making the possibility of a collision less likely.

As we sit down in the driver’s seat we should take note of a couple key things.

  1. Is the seat adjusted for us to reach the pedals?
  2. Are our mirrors tilted in the optimal direction?
  3. Do we have any way to view our blind spot?
  4. Is the radio (or music device)  set to the right channel (playlist or tune) and optimum level?
  5. Is our phone out of our reach?

These are all very important adjustments to ensure that we are prepared and comfortable as we start rolling down the street.

Take a Deep Breath

All of the preparation in the world won’t help us if we’re too nervous to drive cautiously. That is why every new driver should stop and take a deep breath before starting the engine. Similarly, It is important not to overthink situations on the road. Making judgements and decisions quickly is an important skill to develop.   If we intend to get over then we should signal, check ahead, check our mirrors, check our blindspot and if it is clear in all three, then it is safe to switch lanes. It’s in being indecisive when collisions can take place. So take a deep breath and be decisive on the road so that we can keep ourselves and those around us as safe as possible.

Stay Focused

Teen drivers must also pay attention only to the task at hand: driving. First and foremost, multi-tasking is never appropriate. Don’t do makeup, eat, or text (especially not this one) while driving. It can also be distracting to roll down the windows, listen to the radio, and more. Be sure that the focus is purely on the road and make it your objective to get from point A to point B safely.

Mind the Roads

Staying away from certain areas and roads can ensure that we don’t get thrown out of our element too early as a new driver. That being said, don’t go to new places without knowing more about driving laws and speed limits. Before you become a licensed driver make sure you have had a lot of time on major highways and interstates so that you can develop the necessary competence to drive safely in those environments.

These are the rules that first time drivers should follow to ensure they’re well equipped to start building a long, safe driving record. Keeping the car customized, staying calm and focused, and minding the roads diligently can all help in keeping teen drivers safe while exploring their new freedom.


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