How Can Ford’s New MyKey System Keep Your Teenage Driver Safe?


If you haven’t heard of Ford’s new MyKey system yet, then as the parent of a new teenage driver you are going to be impressed. As technology in vehicles becomes more sophisticated, parents have better options to help encourage their teenagers to drive safely. There is no substitute for driver training, but improvements in auto technology can help your child avoid a devastating collision. Ford’s MyKey system is a great addition to the car safety list.

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How Does MyKey Work?

Parents can use the MyKey system to reduce distractions and bad driving habits. The way this new technology works is through a programmable key. Parents can set specific maximums, such as audio volume and speed. The key will limit these factors, which are activated when the key is used.

Additional features are built into Ford’s MyKey system. The vehicle will issue a chime as the driver meets specific speeds (45, 55, and 65). This will help them stay focused and aware of how fast they are traveling. The key will also cause low fuel notification to issue sooner and make seat belt warnings more prominent. Although it will be up to your teen to heed these alarms, it will lower their chances of simply forgetting these important things.

MyKey is the Ideal Compromise Between Parents and Teenage Drivers

Driving has long been a point of contention between parents and teenagers. Your child wants to feel independent, but too much freedom too soon can have dire consequences. MyKey can help you both find a compromise that everyone is happy with. Through a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, many parents agreed that they would permit their teenagers to drive more often in a vehicle that included MyKey.

Set boundaries for your teenage driver. These should include when they can drive, where they can go and how many people can go with them. However, give your child the opportunity to learn what it is like to drive on their own with the MyKey system. You can feel safer knowing a sophisticated safety and reminder system is accompanying your child every time they get behind the wheel.

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