Gadgets to Assist Teen Drivers


Any parent can attest to the fact that sending their teens off on their own once they’ve received their drivers license can be stressful. Not for the teens, they’re usually excited with a new prospect of freedom. No, it’s the parents who become filled with worry. But now we live in a world of modern technology meant to subside this thick layer of parental anxiety. Gone are the days of wondering if our new teen driver is following the speed limits. Now a parent can know using some of these wonderful advancements in technology to be sure our kids aren’t speeding, listening to loud music, being dishonest about how far they’re driving, and more.

Chevrolet Teen Driver

The Teen Driver tech from Chevy helps to monitor teen drivers and help them learn proper habits. Parents can set speed limit maximums and set a feature that mutes the audio until seat belts are buckled. Teen Driver does all of these great things while collecting data for a hands on teaching tool. The Teen Driver report gives us the distance driven, maximum speed, overspeed warnings, wide open throttle, forward collision alerts, forward collision advance braking, and traction control. These teaching tools and settings are coupled with other safety features like the ‘Side Blind Zone Alert’, ‘Front Automatic Braking’, and ‘Forward Collision Alerts’. The features aren’t the only cool part, it is also fabulous how simple it is to set up. We just enter a PIN and customize Teen Driver as it suits our family.

EverDrive App

Lots of apps have hit the Google Play and Apple stores that claim to help parents and teens manage their driving habits. Some of these are even being used by adults to prove good driving habits and drive down insurance rates. But for teens, apps like EverDrive are serving as excellent launch points for learning how to develop positive driving habits. Track driving habits, distance driven, and gain reminders not to use our phone AT ALL while driving.

Ford MyKey

Parents are able to program a key with specific settings that are meant to help their teen drive safely.MyKey driving modes include the Belt-Minder which will mute the audio and chime every 30 seconds until seat belts are locked in place. Parents can also set a top speed with a reminder chime as the speed approaches, block “explicit” Sirius radio stations, and deliver fuel warnings at 75 miles instead of the usual 35 miles. The MyKey focuses on getting teen drivers safely where they want to go, keeping parents at ease.

All of these tools work to help instill good habits in new teen drivers. While not everyone can invest in a brand new car with ‘Teen Driver’ or ‘MyKey’ technology; they can download an app. So remember to take a look at what tech can help your family transition safely into having a teen driver in the house.


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