Dangers of Teens and Distracted Driving


Alexis Cohensitt is a recent graduate from DrivingMBA.  When Alexis came to us she was one of those students that “thought she knew it all.”  Lexie learned along the way, that she didn’t know it all and she developed this video as a result of learning about the consequences of making poor decisions behind the wheel.  We are all very proud of Lexie and her work on this project.

My name is Alexis Cohensitt and I have been in Girl Scouts since I was in 1st grade. I am now a Junior in High school and I am working on my Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can receive.

Since I began High School I started driving with a lot of my friends and I have been put in many difficult situations. I realized how many of my friends didn’t really understand the dangers of how taking your eyes off the road for only 2 seconds can risk the drivers life, the people in the car, and anyone else on the road.

I decided to make a short film to increase awareness of how dangerous texting and driving can be. I wanted to create something that teens could relate to and hopefully make some sort of impact on them, make them think twice before they took their phone out while driving on the road. I was one of those new drivers who thought I was invincible and nothing would happen to me, but when I really started learning how to drive it became apparent how distracted you can be even without the phone.

I hope by presenting my film, that it will show, even in the passenger seat, you have an obligation to be aware and make sure you are in a safe situation. I want to show how one dangerous decision can really change your life or the lives you are responsible for in your car.

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Maria Wojtczak
Maria Wojtczak is Chief Operating Officer at DrivingMBA. She has extensive knowledge in teen brain development and has pioneered many techniques used to teach students at DrivingMBA. Her passion for teaching and saving teen lives has made her a leader in the driver training industry.

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  1. jimmy

    It won’t be a crime until some legislator loses a loved one.

    Until then, how about the insurance companies deny benefits to anyone causing an accident while texting?


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