On Road Driving Instruction

Our on-road instruction is designed to meet specific objectives and benchmarks including navigating freeways, traffic circles/roundabouts and one way streets.    A trainer works 1:1 with a student at their individual skill level and progresses accordingly.  DrivingMBA does not offer on-road instruction as a stand alone program.  It is our firm belief that the combination of simulation and on-road experience develops better and safer drivers.  An integral part of our on-road program is the student and parent debrief.  This allows the trainer to speak with both the student and parent (guardian, or spouse) about student progress and areas that still need work.  We offer many options for on-road instruction.  Our most popular program is our 10 hour program which includes a final evaluation.  If all requirements have been met and the student passes the evaluation they will be issued a waiver to waive the skills test at the MVD.

DrivingMBA has a comprehensive skills evaluation where we evaluate in 10 specific categories.    It is our practice to review the evaluation with both the student and the parent the very first time we take a student on-road so that they understand the requirements to pass our evaluation.  Our commitment to families is we will not put teens or any novice driver on the road unless we are reasonably assured they are prepared for the challenges of negotiating today’s complex driving environments.  If a student completes 10 hours of instruction DrivingMBA will be able to issue a waiver for the skills test at the MVD if a student passes the final evaluation and has met all of the necessary requirements.

We also offer a Busy Parent package for those parents who simply do not have the time to practice with their teenager.  It is imperative that teens have a minimum of 30 hours of practice before receiving their license, our recommendation is 100 hours.  Our Busy Parent package is available with 30 hours of on-road instruction.