Defensive Driving Skills Course

This program is for licensed drivers or novice drivers with a minimum of 25 to 30 hours of on-road experience who have experienced and are comfortable driving on major surface streets and freeways.  This course provides a student with the opportunity to experience “what-if” scenarios and learn from their mistakes.   We utilize the L3 PatrolSim that is the same high-end technology used by military, police, fire and emergency personnel as well as professional CDL drivers in the heavy trucking industry.    This course provides training in high risk situations such as head-on collision avoidance, skid control, corrective steering and blow-out experience, texting while driving, and much more.  The four key focus areas are:

  • Hazard Recognition
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Space Management
  • Speed Management

The length of this course is 8.0 hours and consists of:

  • 2.0 hrs. classroom orientation – provides students with a framework for the course
  • 3 two hour lessons; 1:1 with an instructor
  • pre & post profiler assessment

The objectives are to educate drivers  in a way that enhances their ability to control their vehicle in high-stress situations and to allow participants to experience dangerous circumstances (in a simulated environment) and become aware of both vehicle and personal limitations.  This program also includes advanced vehicle control, and reaction time in various road and weather conditions and includes a simulated DUI demonstration.

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