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Our Most Asked Questions

What is the Parent Class and do I have to attend?

Our Parent class is a critical component of our program. It is mandatory if a student is receiving a waiver for the permit and/or license test at the MVD.   We have been running parent classes for years and the feedback is always extremely positive.   Yes it is a 3-hour commitment, however, it is an investment in your child’s safety.   We highly recommend this class for ALL of our parents no matter if your student is receiving a waiver or not. When parents take the time to do this class the entire experience for the student is much more effective. The program is split into 2 components.   The first half of the program focuses on information regarding novice drivers. What parents need to be aware of and thinking about as they make decisions for their teen driver. The second half focuses on effective communication while driving with your teen behind the wheel and tips and techniques for practicing with them. For example, how do you know when it is safe to practice on a freeway and much more.

Do I have to pick up my student from your school?

Yes, all of our appointments, simulation labs and on-road instruction are pick up and drop off at our office. It is very important that you come in after each of your student’s lessons and debrief with our trainer. They will provide you with:

  • Invaluable feedback on your student’s performance
  • An objective sheet with their scoring
  • Recommendations on what the student needs to work on, how much time they should practice/number of hours they should get before the next lesson.

If I am paying you to teach my student how to drive, why do I have to practice with them?

Yes, even though your student is getting driver training it is absolutely necessary that they are practicing what they are learning. The state of Arizona requires 30 hours of practice, of which 10 hours must be nighttime hours. DrivingMBA recommends 100 hours of practice because studies have shown that students that spend a lot of time practicing their driving skills are less likely to be part of the overwhelming number of novice drivers that are involved in car crashes in their first year of driving. If you simply cannot practice with your student we do have a Busy Parent Package that provides a student with 30 hours of on-road instruction/practice. However, even with this package, it is highly recommended that a student do practice driving with their parents during the permit phase.

What if I want you to test my student for their license?

If a student completes 10 hours of on-road instruction, DrivingMBA will administer the skills evaluation. If the student passes the evaluation they will receive a waiver to waive the skills test at the MVD. DrivingMBA, however, does not offer on-road lessons without accompanying simulation labs. It is our overarching philosophy that students are able to develop skills in the simulation labs in a safe and controlled environment.

How can a student get their permit through DrivingMBA?

DrivingMBA only has one package, the DRIVE Cert Test package where a student can get a waiver to waive BOTH the permit and license test at the MVD. The actual permit and license is always issued through the MVD. The way the package works is a student must complete the following:

  • Beginner Simulation Lab
  • Responsibilities of Driving Class
  • Parent Class (Parent(s) must complete this class
  • Rules of the Road Permit Class
Once these requirements have been met and the student passes their evaluation, they will receive their waiver to waive the written test at the MVD. This is the ONLY package where DrivingMBA can meet the 30 hours classroom requirement imposed by the MVD. A student cannot get a waiver for their permit with any other package we offer. Students can take our Rules of the Road Permit Class as a preparation to take the actual test at the MVD. The remainder of their package must be completed before a student is scheduled for their final skills evaluation, their 5th on-road lesson/evaluation, and if they pass their evaluation they receive the waiver to waive the test at the MVD for their license.

What are your trainer’s credentials?

DrivingMBA trainers meet both state requirements and requirements specific to DrivingMBA: State Requirements:

  • MVD certified trainers (pass an MVD test to be certified by the state)
  • Fingerprinted and required to have a background check done
DrivingMBA Requirements:
    • Fullfill DrivingMBA’s 100+ training hours that consist of observations, co-training and evaluations
    • Must attend in-services at least twice a year
    • Must pass a drug test
    • Every trainer must complete the entire DrivingMBA curriculum before they begin training students
Trainers are evaluated several times a year by a DrivingMBA lead trainer to insure they are meeting curriculum objectives and DrivingMBA’s standards of excellence.

When should a student begin their driver training?

A student is eligible for their permit when they are 15 ½ in the state of Arizona and they MUST hold it for a minimum of 6 months from the date of issue.   We recommend that a student begin their program a few weeks before they are eligible for their permit. In our Test package a student must complete several requirements in order for them to receive their first waiver for the written test at the MVD. DrivingMBA’s program works very differently than most driving programs. We ask parents to get a good deal of practice in between their on-road lessons in order for the student to gain proficiency in the skills they are learning at DrivingMBA . It is our objective to introduce more advanced strategies as they develop their skills so their lessons will get spread over a minimum of the 6-month period. If your student comes to us with 30+ hours of driving experience, they are usually eligible for our Defensive Driving package. It is our recommendation to schedule the first on-road lesson and receive feedback on the student’s skills and a recommendation as to how much time before the next lessons.

What if I got a ticket? Can I clear it through you?

DrivingMBA offers programs for novice drivers both teens and adults, commercial drivers, and Senior citizens.  We offer an on-line option for Defensive Driving for ticket dismissal.  Click here

How do you schedule appointments?

Our Beginner, Defensive Driving and On-Road lessons are scheduled in two-hour increments by appointment only. We have daytime, afternoon and evening appointments available. We are also open on Saturdays and some Sundays depending on demand.  Our Parent and Car Maintenance classes are offered at least once a month, during the week, in the evening and some Saturday’s.  The Rules of the Road permit class, the Responsibility of Driving Class and the Defensive Driving Orientation class are usually offered on Saturday’s  Our location addresses are: 9089 E. Bahia Dr., Suite 102 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 3303 South Lindsay, Suite 105 Gilbert, AZ  85297

How long must a person who is 18 years or older hold his/her permit before obtaining a license?

There are no time restrictions for adults 18 and older. But to drive with a DrivingMBA instructor you must have a current permit.  We also recommend that ANY novice driver, no matter what their age,  spend a minimum of 6 months to develop the necessary skills to navigate today’s roadways.

Does my child have to hold his/her permit for 6 months even if he goes to an Arizona driving school?

Yes, unless your child reaches the age of 18 before the 6 months is reached.  Often times 6 months is not adequate time for a student to develop the necessary skills to be safe on the road.  We always recommend to our parents to make that determination themselves and that a learners permit is good for one year and it can always be renewed if additional time is required.

How long does my child have to hold his/her permit before obtaining a Class G license?

An applicant for a class G license must have held an Arizona instruction permit for at least 6 months, or have a driver license from another state. The permit must be valid at the time of application. An applicant must also have satisfactorily completed a driver education program that is approved by MVD or the parent or guardian must certify in writing that the applicant has completed at least 30 hours of supervised driving practice, including at least 10 night hours.  The above information was obtained through the MVD of Arizona. Click here for our MVD resource link.

What is a class G license and what are the restrictions?

In July 2008, the Teenage Driver Safety Act was passed. The basic components of the law are: Permit:

  • Anyone under the age of 18 must hold their permit for 6 months.
  • While driving with their instruction permit, they must drive with a licensed driver that is 21 years or older.
License Restrictions: For the first 6 months of licensure a newly licensed driver is:
  • Restricted from driving between the hours of 12:00am and 5:00am unless coming from work or a school or church function.
  • Allowed to have only one non-family member teen in their vehicle.

Will this lower my insurance rate? How much?

Most insurance agencies do accept our programs; however, the discounted rate is at the discretion of each individual company.  We recommend that you contact your insurance agent to find out what they require in order to receive a discount.  We have established relationships with several insurance agents.  Click here to see our Insurance Partners page. At the completion of our driving program, your teen will receive a certificate that you can send into your insurance company to verify they have been through the driving program.  If your insurance company requires any additional information, please have them contact us directly.

What if my student has learning challenges?

DrivingMBA’s unique blend of classroom, simulation and on-road instruction can be customized to meet an individual’s learning needs.  We will often start a program with an assessment with our expert trainer to assess what is the best course of action to assist a student to successfully learn to drive.  It is our practice to work closely with the parents of all of our students, and particularly parents of students with learning challenges such as ADD or ADHD, Asperger, Anxiety, Bi-polar, and other issues.  We continue to educate ourselves in order to best meet the needs of these students.

How much does the DrivingMBA program cost?

DrivingMBA offers a lot of options because every student is different.   We are not a one-size-fits-all school.  To find out which program best fits your student and what the cost of tuition is, contact our Enrollment Counselor at 480-948-1648.  Our Enrollment Counselors will need to ask you some questions regarding your student in order to recommend the best program.  Depending upon your students circumstances, and which program or package you choose, the tuition can vary anywhere from $480 to $1,800 or more.

Do you have Police Officers as trainers?

DrivingMBA hires individuals who have a teaching background or have a strong propensity for teaching.  In order to work with a student an individual must be able to develop a rapport and have the ability to 1). recognize a student’s needs and 2.) adjust to meet the needs of each individual student.  We also have several specialists on staff, individuals who are educated in, and skilled at working with students with learning challenges. We have from time to time, hired retired law enforcement personnel who we believe are good teachers.  We do not, however, seek individuals with law enforcement background.  Why?  Police Officers are taught to be aggressive drivers.  They are not always the best drivers and certainly not the best teachers.  Our objective is to find well-rounded individuals who love working with students and can foster a productive learning environment.

Is the classroom instruction mandatory for everyone?

The Rules of the Road Permit Prep Class:  We offer this class for individuals who do not have their learners permit.  We have a single package, the DRIVE Cert Test Package that allows us to evaluate a student for both the written and skills test and waive the test at the MVD if they pass our evaluation.  The Rules of the Road Permit Class is part of this package and is where a student takes the written evaluation. Responsibilities of Driving Class:  This class is designed to help student understand the magnitude of responsibility they take on when they operate a motor vehicle.  This class is mandatory for students. The Parent/Coaching Class:  This class is highly recommended for any parent or guardian that has a student at DrivingMBA.  It helps us level expectations and work together to prepare your teenager to become a safe and responsible driver.  This class is mandatory if DrivingMBA is providing a waiver for the test at the MVD for either the written and/or skills test. The Orientation to Defensive Driving Class:  This class is a precursor to our Defensive Driving Simulation lab.  It provides students with the framework of concepts in Hazard Recognition, Vehicle Handling, Space and Speed Management.  They will experience all of these in the 40 scenarios they will run through in the Defensive Driving Lab.  This class is mandatory before they begin their defensive driving. The Car Maintenance Class:  This class is optional and available in several of our packages.

Can a parent ride along for the on-road driving lesson?

Yes, and we encourage parents to do so!  It is beneficial because it allows parents to see our trainers coaching methods.  The more paralleled a parent’s instruction is to our instruction, the easier it is for a student to learn how to drive.  We also recommend parents take our Parent Class to learn more about teenagers and driving and how to work with your teen during the practice phase of the process.

Can a novice driver purchase only on-road instruction from your school?

There are plenty of schools that offer classroom and on-road instruction.  We do not.  We have a strong belief in the use of simulation to develop safer, more responsible drivers.  The reason is simple.  The national average of young drivers involved in a collision in their first year is well above 50%.    Based on an on-going survey we conduct of our graduate students, less than 12% of DrivingMBA graduates have been in any type of crash their first year. Those are GREAT odds and we believe that utilizing simulation in the training process plays a major role in this reduction.

I am looking for the cheapest program and fastest way to get my teenager licensed. Will you beat any competitor’price?

The answer is simple – there are no competitors that offer the type of training that we offer.  We provide high value with exceptional customer service for a reasonable price.  If cost is the only factor that you are basing your decision on, then we are not the school for you.   There is nothing quick about our training for a new driver whether they are a teenager or an adult.   We schedule around you, but we require a lot of time and practice as part of the process.  Learning to drive is no different than learning anything else, you have to apply what you learn and practice in order to master the skill. This is not one of those decisions that should be made based on the criteria of cheap, easy and fast.  If those are the ONLY factors you are considering, then you should call another school.  There are several around the valley that can accommodate that criteria. You must remember that at the end of the day, this is your child.  Consider the costs of insurance, hospitalization and long-term care, or worst of all, funeral costs.

Why wouldn’t I buy a program that does closed course work and uses a skid car?

Several years ago we partnered with the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. Closed course programs are a great compliment to our training.  When the Bondurant folks came to DrivingMBA they saw and experienced how simulation could teach students skills that even they could not teach in skid cars or in a closed course. Even on a closed course you cannot put students in situations such as head-on collision or a tire blow out at 65+ mph. The highest speed you can achieve in a skid car is 30 mph, so it is in fact a simulation.  On a simulator a student can experience a skid at high speed and learn to recover from it.   Are closed course programs useful? Of course they are. AND, there is nothing like a simulated environment where you can face the unimaginable and live to learn from it. Driving on a freeway at 65 mph, having a student text the instructor and all of a sudden the vehicle in front of them comes to a screeching halt, is a teachable moment that does not present itself in any other medium. The best of the best is to sign up for our D.R.I.V.E. Certification package and if possible, include a closed course program.  Some closed course programs are available free through programs such as Ford Motor Company’s Driving Skills for Life, or Jeff Payne’s Driver’s Edge.  These programs travel from city to city throughout the year.   Our D.R.I.V.E. Certification package will provide your student with 14 hours of simulation – 8 hours in the beginner program and 6 hours  in the defensive driving program; 7.0 hours of classroom, 8 hours of on-road instruction.   This package also includes a class for parents as well as a hands-on car maintenance class.   This package is the best possible training your child can receive.  Payment plans are available.

What’s the point of simulation?

The point of simulation is to give students hands-on instruction, without the risk of actually being on the road. Our equipment is state of the art technology, they are not video games.  We take our training very seriously and demand the same from all of our students.   It is the same principle that is used in teaching pilots how to fly an airplane.  DrivingMBA utilizes a comprehensive approach to develop driving skills, good driving habits and critical decision-making that are required to navigate today’s roadways.

Why DrivingMBA’s simulator training?

Getting a driver’s license is a high water mark in a teen’s life, but it also marks the deadliest period they will ever spend, statistically, on the highway. How do we ready them for the crowded roads and aggressive drivers who can make driving harrowing for mature drivers? DrivingMBA’s unique instruction model utilizes state-of-the-art driving simulators. While training on a driving simulator, a teen can experience the impact of split-second decisions while behind the wheel and the consequences of delayed reactions or responses. In a virtual vehicle, a teen can drive in rain, sleet, snow or dead of night, on winding mountain roads and frenetic superhighways. And any mistakes, crashes or injuries are also virtual. The Learning Pyramid illustrates that students retain only a small percentage of information while being lectured to, or even while reading to themselves. The average learning retention goes up when a skill is being demonstrated to them, and it jumps even higher when students discuss information that they have learned.  However, the greatest retention occurs when a student is actually practicing a skill, in this case the average learning retention is 75%.

How long does the program typically last?

Our driver training programs are structured so that we have touch points with you and our student during the permit phase.  Depending on which program or package you choose, the entire program can take anywhere from a few weeks to 1 year, or longer to complete.  It will depend on how much practice you are getting in between lessons and how your student is progressing through the program. We are not in the business of running students through our driving school and tossing them on the road. With the cooperation of the student, parent, and our trainers, our goal is to develop safe and defensive drivers, no matter how long it takes.