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Driving MBA Introduces New Comprehensive Teen Driving Assessment for Novice Drivers

Has your teen driver been practicing during the Coronavirus shelter-in-place orders? DrivingMBA has developed a unique and proven process for assessing the driving skills of novice teenage drivers. Compare how DMBA stands up to most Driver’s Ed evaluation programs:


  • DMBA’s TWO HOUR evaluation VS the standard minimum 10-15 min evaluation of basic driving maneuvers.
  • DMBA covers 10 Categories of skills and behaviors VS just a general observation of basic vehicle operating ability.
  • DMBA has identified 41 scoring criteria VS most programs that provide just enough feedback to pass the test
  • Plus
    • Judgement skills
    • Decision making skills


  • They have met the MVD required minimum 30 hours of ON-Road experience (including 10 hours of night driving)
  • They are approaching or exceeding the MVD minimum requirement of driving with a permit for six months

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Important Stats and Facts

Teens who say their parents set rules and monitor their activities in a helpful, supportive way are half as likely to crash and 70% less likely to drive intoxicated than teens who describe their parents as less involved.

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