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Fleet Driver Training is designed for drivers who need more advanced driving skills and a defensive driving mindset.

Our programs are fully customizable for specific driver training needs such as DUI Awareness, Distracted Driving Reduction, Space Management, Speed Management, Hazard Recognition, or other specific emphasis areas.

Our comprehensive corporate fleet driver training programs can include a combination of classroom, driving simulator, on-road observation and coaching.

Fleet Driver Training Programs will:

  • Create better understanding of defensive driving techniques in any participant, at any experience level.
  • Better prepare newer drivers for the complexities of driving a company vehicle in a major metro area.
  • Incorporates personalized feedback on scanning and reaction time.

We Can Bring the Training To You!

DMBA’s Mobile Training unit brings our advanced training directly to your corporate location. Inside this RV is one of our advanced driving simulation labs which allows us to train drivers on-site and reduce the impact to your business.

Corporate Driver Training Packages

Our corporate driver training programs are tailored specifically for any business that uses vehicles in the field. Our programs are fully certified, validated and legally defensible. The S.A.V.E. program utilizes proven instruction techniques in conducting advanced driver training that is highly effective. If you are hiring and training younger employees in job-related technologies and they will be operating company vehicles, your business can benefit from this program. 
Muliple Participants

1-on-1 Coaching

Individual Driver Skill Assessment

Defensive Driver Training

Group Discussion and Observation Training

Vehicle dynamics

Cornering Principles

Weight transfer

Understanding vehicle and personal limits

Principles of vehicle control demonstrating different handling characteristics

Employee responsibility behind the wheel

Public image on roadway

Effects of a crash on the business

Influence of drugs/alcohol on driving

We offer customized packages to fit your needs. Please contact us so we can help you select the right program.

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You’re in good company

Our corporate customers realize the value of our driver education and understand that by improving driver skills they save their companies money and improve efficiency.

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