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Frequently Asked Questions

When should a student begin their driver training?

A student is eligible for their permit when they are 15 ½ in the state of Arizona and they MUST hold it for a minimum of 6 months from the date of issue. We recommend that a student begin their program a few weeks before they are eligible for their permit. Students are learning the rules of the road and applying them while learning how to drive in the Driving Fundamentals simulation lab. This process makes the rules more concrete and less abstract to a student and helps them retain the information. We do however, want a student to get their permit shortly after completing the Driving Fundamentals simulation lab so we can begin to transfer what they’ve learned to the road. We ask parents to get a good deal of practice in between their on-road lessons in order for the student to gain proficiency in the skills they are learning at DrivingMBA . It is our objective to introduce more advanced strategies as they develop their skills so their lessons will get spread over a minimum of the 6-month period. If your student comes to us with 30+ hours of driving experience, they are usually eligible for our Defensive Driving package. It is our recommendation to schedule the first on-road lesson and receive feedback on the student’s skills and a recommendation as to how much time before the next lessons and when it would be appropriate to begin the Defensive Driving lab. A student must possess a certain sill test to get the most out of the Defensive Driving course. Our on-road instructors will report to you and to us when a student is ready to begin the Defensive Driving part of the program.

What are your driving instructors credentials?

DrivingMBA trainers come from many walks of life. We look for people that have a propensity for teaching, several of our trainers have teaching backgrounds. We also look for individuals that can empathisize with a student and cater to a students specific learning style. Our trainers meet both state requirements and requirements specific to DrivingMBA: State Requirements:

  • MVD certified trainers (pass an MVD test to be certified by the state)
  • Fingerprinted and required to have a background check done

DrivingMBA Requirements:

  • Fullfill DrivingMBA’s 100+ training hours that consist of observations, co-training and evaluations
  • Must attend in-services at least twice a year
  • Must pass a drug test
  • Every trainer must complete the entire DrivingMBA curriculum before they begin training students

Trainers are evaluated several times a year by a DrivingMBA lead trainer to insure they are meeting curriculum objectives and DrivingMBA’s standards of excellence.

Why do you use driving simulator training?

Getting a driver’s license is a high water mark in a teen’s life, but it also marks the deadliest period they will ever spend, statistically, on the highway. How do we ready them for the crowded roads and aggressive drivers who can make driving harrowing for mature drivers? DrivingMBA’s unique instruction model utilizes state-of-the-art driving simulators. While training on a driving simulator, a teen can experience the impact of split-second decisions while behind the wheel and the consequences of delayed reactions or responses. In a virtual vehicle, a teen can drive in rain, sleet, snow or dead of night, on winding mountain roads and frenetic superhighways. And any mistakes, crashes or injuries are also virtual. The Learning Pyramid illustrates that students retain only a small percentage of information while being lectured to, or even while reading to themselves. The average learning retention goes up when a skill is being demonstrated to them, and it jumps even higher when students discuss information that they have learned. However, the greatest retention occurs when a student is actually practicing a skill, in this case the average learning retention is 75%. Simulation is used in all types of industries to train employees, and is a critical step in pilot and often in military and police training. Why wouldn’t it be a useful tool in learning how to drive. An instructor can have their full attention on a student while on a simulator. On the road, the instructor’s focus is split between the student and the road ahead in order to keep the student and themselves out of harms way.

How long does a driver training program typically last?

This isn’t a question we like to answer, because the real answer to this is: it depends on many variables. Our driver training programs are structured so that we have touch points with you and our student during the permit phase. Depending on when you start the program, which program or package you choose, the entire program can take anywhere from a few weeks to 1 year, or longer to complete. It will depend on how much practice you are getting in between lessons and how your student is progressing through the program. We are not in the business of running students through our driving school and tossing them on the road. Speed is not our goal or intention. With the cooperation of the student, parent, and our trainers, our goal is to develop competent, safe and defensive drivers, no matter how long it takes. We ask parents not to put an “arbitrary date” on when the course needs to be completed and we implore you not to put a lot of emphasis on a student’s 16th birthday. Your student may or may not be ready to be a solo driver when they turn 16. All of our indicators are towards readiness, not dates and eligibility. Recent research also indicates that many students feel pressured to get their license and the pressure is not coming from their peers, but from their parents. Don’t be those parents, do what is in the best interest of your child and provide them with training and practice that has the potential to keep them safe and alive. If your main objective is to get it done quickly, then DrivingMBA is not the school for you.

I am looking for the cheapest program and fastest way to get my teenager licensed. Will you beat any competitor’price?

The answer is simple – there are no competitors that offer the type of training that we offer. We provide high value with exceptional customer service for a reasonable price. If cost is the only factor that you are basing your decision on, then we are not the school for you. There is nothing quick about our training for a new driver whether they are a teenager or an adult. We schedule around you, but we require a lot of time and practice as part of the process. Learning to drive is no different than learning anything else, you have to apply what you learn and practice in order to master the skill. This is not one of those decisions that should be made based on the criteria of cheap, easy and fast. If those are the ONLY factors you are considering, then you should call another school. There are several around the valley that can accommodate that criteria. You must remember that at the end of the day, this is your child. Consider the costs of insurance, hospitalization and long-term care, or worst of all, funeral costs.

Can my teen get their drivers permit through DrivingMBA?

Since students are now able to take their permit test (written exam) at home, there has not been a demand for classes. Anyone under the age of 18 can take the test at home. Click here for more information: Permit Test@Home. We are currently in the process of developing an on-line action-based course that will provide students with information and activities to help them begin forming the necessary habits and help them prepare to take the written test either at home or at the MVD. Our goal is to launch the class before the end of 2019. If you have an Exceptional Learner, we have a class that is conducted by a Specialist, is limited to a maximum of 4 students; is often 1:1, and is very tactile to help the student prepare for their permit test.

Will this lower my insurance rate? How much?

Most insurance agencies do accept our programs; however, the discounted rate is at the discretion of each individual company. Other schools indicate that “you will” get an insurance break, and that may or may not be true. Most insurance companies will provide some break for taking a driving course. Our recommendation is that you contact your insurance agent to find out what they require in order to receive a discount. We have established relationships with several insurance agents. Click here to see our Insurance Partners page. At the completion of our driving program, your teen will receive a certificate that you can send into your insurance company to verify they have been through the driving program. If your insurance company requires any additional information, please have them contact us directly.

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