Be Mindful of WHAT You’re Posting on Social Media

Teens and Social Media

Many people these days love snapping photos of themselves and hash tagging all over social media! Getting your license is one of those moments you want to share with your friends, but before you snap that selfie with your new driver license REMEMBER your license has personal information that should be protected. For example:

  • Address – you should never share your home address online.
  • Birth Date – Your date of birth is used in a variety of ways to confirm your identity. Its often used as a secondary confirmation measure by online accounts.
  • License Number: A driver license number can be used to open a bank account, credit cards and loans.

Arizona is adopting a program similar to the state of Delaware where they will be providing a background where new drivers can take their photo. Those backdrops will eventually be installed in MVD locations around the state. In the meantime, be cognizant of what you’re posting when you post photos on Social Media. Post your face not your information!


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