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Many adults find themselves in need of learning how to drive later in life. DrivingMBA has created an adult driver education program that enables a new driver to experience every situation imaginable.

DrivingMBA’s adult driver education caters to new drivers of any age.

Our adult driver education program combines classroom, simulation and on-road instruction to assist new adult drivers in gaining skill and confidence. Recent studies show that teenagers are choosing to wait until adulthood to learn how to drive, so more novice adult drivers will be on the road in the very near future. DrivingMBA is prepared for this cultural shift and we have created a comprehensive adult driver’s education program to help novice adult drivers learn how to drive safely and responsibly. 

Our program prepares new drivers for the road ahead by teaching safe driving habits and decision-making skills. Throughout the driving courses they will learn basic driving fundamentals, defensive driving techniques and receive assessments and feedback on their progress.

adult driver training

Our Adult Driver Education

This Beginner Adult Package is specifically designed for new adult drivers. Adults often require more attention so we have designed this package as a 1:1 student – trainer ratio in the Driving Fundamentals Simulation Lab. DrivingMBA can issue a waiver for the license test at the MVD if a student completes 10 or more on-road hours and passes our evaluation.

01. One on One Assessment

If you are an adult driver and you need to learn the rules of the road, or want to acclimate to Arizona roadways, we begin with a driving assessment/instructional lesson in our Driving Fundamentals Simulation Lab. Once we have a better sense of your skills and needs, we will make a recommendation for next steps. If you have been driving in another country or you have a license, we may recommend an on-road lesson to provide you remedial training to help you gain your skill and confidence on U.S. roadways.

02. Driving Fundamentals Simulation

The second step is to begin the 1:1 Driving Fundamentals Simulation Lab lesson. DrivingMBA uses some of the most advanced vehicle driving simulators available for realistic, hands-on training. Simulation training focuses on the driver’s interaction with traffic, traffic rules, recognizing and responding to traffic signs and signals, and high-density traffic situations. Learning in the simulator, before on-road instruction – allows students to develop critical skills more efficiently and effectively, in a safe environment. 

03. On Road Instruction

On road instruction is where the skills that students develop in the simulation labs are put to the test on the road in the real world. Students are trained on sound judgement and decision making, while operating the vehicle in a variety of environments and traffic conditions. Students learn how to maneuver and safely navigate roundabouts, left turns, freeway on and off ramps. They also learn how to idenify potential hazards, avoid dangerous situations, and mitigate risks to themselves and others.

04. Defensive Driving

Our Defensive Driving class can be added to the Adult Training program curriculum at an addition cost. This course provides training in high risk situations in four key focus areas: hazard recognition, vehicle handling, space and speed management. This program is for drivers with a minimum of 25 to 30 hours of on-road experience and who are comfortable driving on major surface streets and freeways. This advanced program is not available in most general driver education courses, and teaches invaluable safety lessons that could mean the difference between life and death on the road. 

Our Value

At DrivingMBA we have designed our adult driver training programs to specifically address the needs of adult drivers. Our comprehensive approach to driver training combines the use of state of the art simulation labs, on-road instruction, and classroom education, to teach students how to become smarter, safer, more responsible drivers for life.

Adult Driver Training

Designed specifically for Adult Drivers

1:1 Lesson/Assessment in our Driving Fundamentals Simulation Lab (2 hrs)
1:1 Lessons Driving Fundamental Simulation Lab (6 hrs)
Coaching Class (2 hrs)
*On Road: 6, 8, 10, 30 hour packages available
*Defensive Driving – Can be Added

You're in good company

Our customers realize the value of our driver training and appreciate the peace of mind it brings to know that their teen driver has the training needed to stay safe on the road.

Thank you so much Driving MBA. Two of my kids graduated from your program, and I am very happy with the results. I have 2 very safe drivers. I appreciate how well your program is run and all the excellent information you provide to both students and parents. Thank you for everything you do.

Susie Rojas

Google Review

I have three children, all of whom have done different driving schools to learn to drive. DrivingMBA is by far the most thorough, comprehensive, and effective driving school we have used. I feel my son is very prepared and is an educated driver. It costs more, but it is worth it.

Jennifer Groman

Internal NPS Review

Driving MBA we’re very good and patient with my 17 year old son. They spent a lot of time with him during his lessons and taught him above and beyond what I would have done. Highly recommended to teach your aspiring young driver. Thank you Driving MBA.

Alex Friedman

Facebook Review

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