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excellent program
Loved the instructors. My daughter learned so much from this program.
Everything about the program was positive.
Great course. I feel like my son is well prepared to drive.
The defensive driving taught through this program is invaluable. My son was so grateful to have ""experienced"" so many things through the defensive driving simulator, before he had to face those situations on the road. During his driving training, he actually had more than one situation happen on the road that he had practiced on the simulator. It gave him, and us, peace of mind in knowing he is prepared to take the wheel alone.
Instructors take so much time to review -appreciate all they do
DrivingMBA's program is a must for all new drivers. I wish the state mandated this caliber of training. Our children have the skills they need to become confident and safe drivers.
The program is very thorough and well thought out. They really have the safety of the students in mind.
I am very happy with taking my child here for her driving school experience. We will be back with our other child when he reaches the appropriate age.
very good instruction quality. But must still have to have the child drive manymany more hours to be ready to drive safely by themselves.
I am very pleased with the level and quality of instruction. Driving MBA came highly recommended to me, and I would do the same in recommending to others.
All three of our children have gone through Driving MBA and made the process of teaching them to drive much less stressful.
Very pleased with DrivingMBA
A very safe, methodical way of developing and learning good driving habits.
Wonderful preparation for the whole family, not just the driver. I appreciate how they put enough fear and caution to create responsibility in my daughter as a driver. Well done!
Great experience. Felt very confident in the instructors and everyone is very helpful here. I feel like my daughter has been given the tools needed to be a safe driver!
It's great to have simulation scenarios that your child can learn from.
Thanks for teaching the kid to stay safe, and be a competent driver.
Advanced simulator is priceless and is amazing!
Recommend for all new drivers
Best investment you can make in your child's safety.
My daughters learned so many great skills and techniques through this program and have become very safe drivers.
Very helpful at making my son aware of all aspects of driving. He realizes and appreciates now that almost anyone can drive, however most people do NOT drive defensively or safely. He is very alert now of other divers. Thank you.
Great differentiated instruction and positive feedback. Only issue is that you are too far since you closed the Gilbert office.
Takes time and effort but well worth both. The staff is very friendly and enthusiastic about teaching.
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