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Thank you! Great program 🙂
It is essentual to drive with the driving student, and not to degrade the student no matter what. If possible, go on a road trip (with one parent and driver) and allow the driving student to do the driving. You as the parent or guardian will be amazed at the end result, which is to be a confedent and attentive future driver. It allowed an extra bonding as well. |Our Child, Alexander has grown into a confident driver who is now ready to take on the responsibilties of recongnizing his own driving habets and watching clues from the other drivers around him. I am very thankful for the MBA and their capable employees in producing a controlled enviroment, a relaxed enviroment in assisting the future drivers. The state of the art similators are key and is very instrumental to the development to your childs experience. thank you MBA!
The instructors & program are exceptional! Great confidence builder. Helped to keep peace in our family too!!
This is my second child to complete the program. I feel both my children are more prepared than their friends to independently drive.
This was an incredible experience. I could not have taught my twins defensive driving the way your instructors did. They were very patient and kind, as well. This was well worth the time and money spent. I am grateful to everyone here who helped to teach my girls!
good content good instructors good simulators
We are very pleased with the driving instructions my son received.
Everything about the program was positive.
This is a great program! Teaches the students how to drive and does it in a hands on way.No compromises with this program.
A great program to get teen drivers educated on real life experiences and learn defensive driving.
loved the entire experience. my son definitely is a better and safer driver because of having taken this course.
Very pleased with DrivingMBA
I found the simulator time valuable for my son. I feel more confident letting him out on the road. I wasn't excited about the 3-hour parent course, but I found that to be very useful also.
Driving MBA prepared my son very well to become a good defensive driver. It gave him confidence and skills that he needed to be successful on the road.
We very much appreciated the comprehensiveness of Driving MBA's training program. The staff were extremely pleasant, skilled, and patient. I would recommend the program to my friends! Thank you.
Instructors are very nice and knowledgable. There is a very comfortable atmosphere. The program is great. My son, who thinks he knows everything even said that he learned a lot and I evern learned a lot. I also found myself learning new skills as well. Thank you!
My son broke his foot, we canceled as soon as it happened and they still charged me $75.00 for a cancellation fee.
Very helpful at making my son aware of all aspects of driving. He realizes and appreciates now that almost anyone can drive, however most people do NOT drive defensively or safely. He is very alert now of other divers. Thank you.
It's great to have simulation scenarios that your child can learn from.
Very thorought program
Thanks for teaching the kid to stay safe, and be a competent driver.
I highly recommend Driving MBA! Both of our children participated in the program and we are so happy that they have had excellent training on the road, with simulators in the classroom.
Takes time and effort but well worth both. The staff is very friendly and enthusiastic about teaching.
A very safe, methodical way of developing and learning good driving habits.
We've sent both of our kids to Driving MBA and recommended it to all of our friends. Thank you!

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