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I was truly impressed with the quality of their lessons, the responsibilities of driving class (theoretical), their simulation labs and the on-road instructions.
We were very pleased with the growth and transformation of our son during this 6 month program. It was money well spent.
The instructors are fun and knowledgeable. I really liked the sim lessons. Kathy and Dev are amazing. Thank you MBA. They really care.
I highly recommend this program for students AND parents (the parent course was a terrific refresher for me).
I would highly recommend DrivingMBA to any parent wondering if they should send their kids to driving school.
This is our second child through Driving MBA. I am very happy with the driving requirements and classes. The instructors are good, and pick up subtle techniques I do automatically, don't think about, and I may not pick up on if I had been teaching my child without Driving MBA. They told me what he needed to improve on each drive.
Comprehensive training; love the simulator experiences, especially defensive driving!
I believe my teen son has learned a lot about driving safety that will hopefully help him to be safe on the road. He is more prepared to drive than I was at his age.
Appointment reminders via text and online scheduling would be helpful. ||I thought the defensive driving modules would be the most beneficial part of the driver training for our son. The defensive driving modules were extremely helpful, but the high expectations of instructors with detailed oriented, kind and consistent feedback was the really the most useful. Thank you.
Being that this was our first driver, we did not know what to expect. Driving MBA made our first experience educational with their knowledge and professionalism. The instructors and the parent program were great. We have two more drivers to put through driver's ed and will definitely be coming back.
Well thought out curriculum that provided us w good guidance as parents.
Driving MBA is a great resource for families as their children start to learn how to drive. The amount of class room, simulators and real road experience is un matched to anything else out there. It is a must for the safety of your child!
Overall we were very pleased with the school. The curriculum is comprehensive, and we felt the add-on simulator sessions were a good value. The scheduling during the summer was very easy and we appreciated Heather giving us reminder calls.|We did have to pay the $75 cancellation fee which was frustrating as our daughter was genuinely sick; however, we DID know in advance there was a fee and I get it that you have to do that. One thing I hope the owner would consider --despite the teenage brain not being fully developed until 25, there are kids out there that are mature, responsible and competent. My daughter will be soloing a small airplane on her 16th birthday and she passed the driving program today. We got a pretty bad ""stink eye"" and lecture when we said we were excited for her to start driving on her 16th birthday but we know our daughter. So not ALL kids or ALL parents fall into the deplorables category 🙂 Anyway, just a suggestion.
Driving school is a commitment for parents, students, and school. Overall the entire experience was great. There were however many times there was miscommunication on next steps and the length of time each of those next steps would require. Setting up more than one appt at time would give both students and parents better understanding of all next steps requeired to complete each phase of driving.
I have put two kids through Driving MBA and am very satisfied with the training they have received. I believe they are better drivers for having come here.
I like that students first use the simulators before driving. The driving class where they talk about the responsibility of driving is also a plus. In addition, the defensive driving lessons are a great idea.
Great program. My older boys have not had any problems and my twins just finished and are doing great on the road.
Great program. My older boys have not had any problems and my twins just finished and are doing great on the road.
I would tell others that I have put 2 kids through this driving school and I'm extremely satisfied with the results.
Great program to train teenage drivers to be safe on the road!
Great program to train teenage drivers to be safe on the road!
This is a must take class for new drivers. The information provided is logical and life saving and can benefit one for rest of their driving life.|
We have two teenagers going through the program and it has been a positive experience for both. My son was hesitant to drive but the simulations gave him confidence to believe he can drive.
This was an incredible experience. I could not have taught my twins defensive driving the way your instructors did. They were very patient and kind, as well. This was well worth the time and money spent. I am grateful to everyone here who helped to teach my girls!
We very much appreciated the comprehensiveness of Driving MBA's training program. The staff were extremely pleasant, skilled, and patient. I would recommend the program to my friends! Thank you.
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