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Received this e-mail from a dad that attended our Parent Class for each of his 3 children!! 

“DrivingMBA simply has the finest teen driver training program available. How do I know? My own three kids have completed the D.R.I.V.E. Certification Package with great success. So, as a parent I highly recommend DrivingMBA to teach and train teen drivers to be confident and safe drivers. “ – Richard Morris



Received this e-mail from a mom:

Just wanted to let you know that Jessica passed her driving test on Tuesday. She had her final drive with you guys on Friday last week. I can honestly say that I feel very comfortable with her driving skills. Thank you for the log sheet. I am continuing to log her hours for our own benefit, as we will be increasing her solo distances as her experience increases.

Thanks again for all you do,

Lisa Sallurday

This review was posted on Google Places two weeks ago.  Thank you Laurie Little!

Quality:  Excellent

I found this to be an exceptional experience for my teen. It is truly a shame a course such as this is not REQUIRED in order to obtain a license in AZ. The knowledge my teen received is something I could not relay to them. After driving for 23 years we become very complacent. TOO comfortable believing we can handle anything when we are behind the wheel. Things become very robotic inside the car when you have been a driver so long. I wanted my teen to learn to drive from a source that could give them the knowledge I myself have long since ignored. Be honest with yourselves. Is there such a thing as a rolling stop? Yellow doesn’t mean speed up! Who said we could drive 10 miles over the speed limit? The cost of this program is so minimal compared to the tragedies that occur on our roadways everyday. Their safety is more important to me. My teen is a safe driver, I feel comfortable with them driving. Even though the course has ended the learning will never stop! I will continue to work with them, and make sure the knowledge they have learned sticks. I have learned alot on this year long journey with my new driver. I wish more people could find a way to give this opportunity to their new drivers. So much more information then I could ever give, and a walk up call to myself as well. I can’t thank MBA enough for their dedication in teaching our youth! Much appreciation

One of many of our written evaluations from parents:

Our Enrollment Counselor received this e-mail from a new customer


Thank you for taking the time today to explain DrivingMBA’s program to myself, Quinton, his mom Stephanie and his sister Shea. You did an excellent job and have the perfect personality and communication skills to do what you do. This program is perfect for what Quinton needs to learn to drive. As you may have picked up on, Stephanie and I are no longer married or living together but we have a great parenting relationship. Stephanie was very hesitant to support Quinton’s quest to get driving privileges. After we met with you, the four of us had dinner together and Stephanie shared that she was much more comfortable with the idea of Quinton getting a driver’s license because of your program that we signed up for. I thank you for this. I’m very glad that your program heavily involves the parents so that we are all on the same page.

With the above said I wanted to share with you the most weird experience I’ve had in my life that happened tonight on my way home after having dinner with Stephanie and the kids. We finished a nice dinner, I dropped them off at their house and proceeded to drive home to my condo in south Scottsdale. My route took me south on Hayden Road. When I passed the intersection of Via De Venture at approx. 645pm I saw the most horrific car crash scene I have ever witnessed in my life. There had been a crash, there was an engine of a car laying in the middle of the intersection, a car smashed from the front, smashed all the way to the back seat. A second car was smashed from the back all the way to the front seat. Both cars were almost unrecognizable. When I got home, I turned on the news and saw a report about the incident. A crazed man was speeding on Hayden, north bound, smashed into another car creating this crash scene. Some how he survived, got out of his car, stripped naked, went to another car on the scene, pulled a girl out of her car, sped off in her car, and crashed a second horrific smash up on 90th and Shea with four other cars. He survived again, got out and jumped on another moving car before this car stopped. Finally the police were on the scene and arrested him.

Witnessing the aftermath of this scene on my way home and then hearing about it again on the news struck the fear of God into me. It has been an extremely emotional day and makes me so incredibly sure I did the right thing signing up for your course. Life is a crazy thing, I’m glad I have the love and connection with my family to make the correct decisions. Thank you for being a part of a good decision.

Have a good weekend, I’m looking forward to taking the parenting class in mid July.



The Kauffman’s Experience

“We first learned about DrivingMBA through a mailer to our home. Scott had taken a number of hours of driver training but the lessons were in the rural areas not city driving. He needed to develop skills and experience in a number of areas including anticipating, seeing all signs, smoother turns, avoiding collisions. The area is so congested that it is hard to take all the information in.

“The simulator made a difference after his first session. It raised his awareness of what can happen if you travel too close or what to do if your tire blows out. He crashed a few times and the noise and cracked windshield on the simulator made an impression. He could redo the maneuver until he learned how to handle it. He now comments when he observes someone following too closely to another car or passes in an unsafe manner. One day we had an unusual number of surprises at unexpected times, a bike crossing in front in the dark, a cat shooting across the road and a car cutting us off all of which he handled like a pro. He said it reminded him of being on the simulator.

“The driving experience, practice of skills and ability to experience the responsiveness of different types of cars on the simulator markedly improved his abilities and made him more of a thinking driver. The course was certainly less expensive than a collision. We were very pleased and will enroll our 16 year old daughter as well.”

Elizabeth Kauffman, Scottsdale, AZ

Completely Confident with my Son behind the Wheel! Posted Nov. 2011 by Roger & Ian H. of Scottsdale, AZ.

I’ve already recommended DrivingMBA to 2-3 people. This driving school, gave me exactly what I was looking for. They offer a course in defensive driving, which my son took, as well as an extensive parent class too, which I took. My son is my last driver, and from my other kids, I’ve learned a lot and now know what I want to do better. I feel like I’ve done that through this experience.

This school asks that you do about 100 hours of driving during the 6 months you’re in the class. For my son and I this was easy to accomplish because he’s a competitive golfer and goes to a lot of tournaments instate and out-of-state, so it was really helpful that we had that advantage of going places. I kept a log of our hours and showed our instructor what we had done. He was so impressed, he put it on display for everyone to see! This entire experience was very satisfying. I feel that my son is a very safe driver and I feel completely confident with him behind the wheel.



This is the Harvard of Driving Schools!  Posted Nov. 2011 by Michael B. in Chandler, AZ.

I’ve been very impressed with DrivingMBA, with their professionalism and ability to go above and beyond what is required. They require their students have 100 hours of driving experience instead of just the 30 hours required by the state. To me, that shows that they seem to be more concerned about teaching people how to drive rather than making a business out of it. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable. The bottom line is that they are not looking to provide a service where anyone could just skate by, if you can’t meet their standards, you’ll fail. They give a pretest that covers everything, not just the 5 elements the state asks about. If they don’t feel like you’re going to be a safe driver, they’ll fail you.

Driving is a skill and a privilege you’re going to have from the age of 17 until you die. DrivingMBA will take the time to make sure you’re taught well, instead of letting you out with just half of the skills you’ll need, like so many of the drivers out there.

They have done such a good job with our daughter, we’ve now enrolled our son with them! They are sincere and want the kids to be at the forefront with their driving skills and education. You will get what you pay for with this company. They are not cheating the kids, or their parents for that matter! We’d absolutely recommend this driving school to anyone.

Michael B., Chandler, AZ

Dear Driving MBA,

Last night my daughter was involved in a car accident on the 101, just south of Chandler Blvd. She was stopped in traffic, in the leftmost lane (next to HOV lane). She was rear-ended and the small pickup that hit her was going about 55-60 mph upon impact. The police estimate that the driver’s initial speed to be 80-85. My daughter looked in her rear view mirror and noticed smoke from brakes and made the split second decision to let her foot off the brake, look to her right and notice there was not a car there, and turned the wheels. We firmly believe that because of her decision she saved herself, her sister in the passenger’s seat, and a friend in the middle backseat from serious injuries. Had she hit the car in front of her the airbags would have gone off and possibly hurt the girls in the front more. Each girl has a very sore neck and back, but they all walked away from the scene without serious injury. I believe that exact scenario was something she practiced on the simulator. We credit Driving MBA with teaching her the skills to make that split second decision, and for teaching her what I couldn’t. We want to thank you all for the wonderful job instructing our daughter on defensive driving 1 year ago, and for the excellent program you have in place.

Thank you!

Lisa, Chandler, AZ

On October 5, 2010 Phoenix experienced some intense storms.  A mom sent us this feedback the next day:

“I just want to tell you how happy I am that my daughter completed your Advanced Defensive drivers course. Yesterday (10/5/10) she was caught in a ferocious hail storm on I-17 with her two younger sisters in the car. As the weather started to worsen and headed into hail she took the closest exit and took cover under a covered parking lot. She told me ”Mom, that was one of the scariest moments of my life! I am SO glad I took that defensive driving class! They had taught us how to drive in snow and bad rain. I felt much more confident because I had learned that!”I was so happy to hear that and so happy she made it through the storm safely. Thank you! What you do DOES make a difference, every day! I can’t wait to send my 2 younger daughters through your program.”

Melissa Sulista, Phoenix

We received this e-mail from a customer who traveled from California to have her daughter complete our program.  Here is what she had to say:

“My daughter Lorraine took your basic driving class there the week of July 26th – we’re the ones who came in from California. I need to start planning for her to take the Advanced class so I can arrange leave.

By the way Lorraine is doing really well driving. She’s really getting my old truck shifting down, and her manual transmission responses on it are starting to become automatic – you all taught her what to do, but it all feels a lot different in my old beast of a truck. I’ve had her out driving around the neighborhood a lot. Yesterday, she had a little close call due to some construction and oncoming traffic going around the construction when she turned a corner – she executed her right turn while she was still looking left and forward so she didn’t see the problem coming. But she took evasive manuevers, did not over correct, automatically hit the clutch and softened in on the brake, swerved around the oncoming truck, did not run over the curb in doing so, and got the truck stopped (she was shook up), into neutral, and park brake set all without killing the motor. I let her gather herself and then made her finish the drive back to the house (she wanted me to take over). We then discussed what went wrong. While I have had her pounding a lot of hours behind the wheel up at the college parking lot to give her time to reach the point where the manual transmission in this old truck becomes automatic for her, without her having to think about it each step of the way, I could tell after we returned from the Basic class that you guys did a superb job getting her comfortable and over much of her fear. That confidence is what she needed, and it paid off yesterday because instead of panicking, she drove through it. Before she was always so prone to panic; the difference in her was amazing under fire. I was really proud of her. You guys do great work, and I really want her to finish her training with you all.”


Nancee Connelly enrolled her daughter at DrivingMBA

“I first learned about DrivingMBA through the Scottsdale Education Center down the street and decided to enroll my daughter, Alexandra. She just completed the program last week and has been driving WONDERFULLY. I feel comfortable in the car with her, but most importantly, feel safe with her on the road. She LOVED the program and was actually excited to go.

The simulators reminded Alexandra of the main operations of a car since it feels like you’re in a real car.

I would highly recommend DrivingMBA. It makes the process of driving easier for both the parent and the student. DrivingMBA is worth every cent!” –Nancee Connelly

More Feedback

“Go to DrivingMBA—it will improve your driving by allowing you to make mistakes and learn from them without the consequences one would suffer in the real world.” -Tyler, Phoenix driver

“I’ve seen a significant difference in my daughter’s driving” -Father of Scottsdale driver

“Chelsea loves this and she’s learned so much” –Mom & Dad of Scottsdale driver

“Thank you for doing this. We need[ed] this.” -Mother of Phoenix driver

“It really helped my scanning and all other aspects of driving. I would recommend it” -Paige, Phoenix driver

“I learned so much during this program. I never expected that oncoming traffic could swerve into my lane. My reaction time has definitely improved. The shuffle steering helps me better control my steering.” -Annie, Scottsdale driver

“It was a really good class. I highly recommend taking the course. It has helped me in many situations in real life, especially driving in the Phoenix metropolitan area.” -Juan, Phoenix driver

“Excellent program. I had fun and feel a lot more comfortable on the road. -Justin, Scottsdale driver

“It is a good way to develop good habits that every driver needs on the road and a great way to prepare you for driving.” -Danielle, Phoenix driver

“It was great to be able to drive in different weather conditions and situations” -Brittany, Phoenix driver

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