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The Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance

The Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing red light running and intersection crashes. Its mission is “To increase public awareness of the consequences of motor vehicle crashes that injure and kill drivers, their passengers, and pedestrians.”

DrivingMBA and the Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance work closely together to educate the public about traffic safety issues.  They offer presentations and exhibit at many safety functions throughout the year.

Visit The Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance Website.

Straight Talk – What Parents Need to Know About Teen Driving

This presentation is provided to parents and/or teens as a community outreach effort through Red Means Stop & DrivingMBA.  The purpose is to raise awareness and provide information that can assist families in their decision making StriveForSafety-300x65 - Community Involvementregarding driving. The main focus of the presentation is teen driver statistics, legislation and regulation in Arizona as compared to other states, the role of education and the role of parents in this pivotal time in a teens life. The presentation also includes a heart-wrenching, informative video of real families and their stories of loss and tragedy.

This program can be used as a Fund Raising effort for schools and organizations as an event to bring parents together to raise money for their school or organization and to help save teen lives. For more information about the Straight Talk presentation and our fundraising program contact Maria Wojtczak at 480-948-1648.

Lisa Johnson Foundation

lisajohnson - Community InvolvementThe Lisa Johnson Foundation, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to the safety of new teen drivers. Its mission is to help families gain life-saving knowledge, emphasizing that motor vehicle crashes are preventable. The foundation works with communities to ensure that state laws are in place to help protect new teen drivers.

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Journey Safe

JSLogo - Community InvolvementJourneySafe is an outreach program established by the family and friends of Jill Sabet and Jonathan Schulte, two remarkable teens who lost their lives May 26, 2005 in a senseless single vehicle automobile crash.

The primary goal of the JourneySafe program is to educate teens and parents about the unique risks faced by young drivers and their passengers. Using the story of Jill and Jonathan and focusing on the 6,000 teens killed each year in similar automobile crashes, JourneySafe promotes and teaches a “positive peer pressure — friends protecting friends” concept that teens can use as a tool to protect themselves and each other on and off the road.

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Gillian Sabet

“Jill was an amazing person. She was always happy, and always looked at the positive side of things. She could make me laugh and could always make my day brighter. She was so cheerful and full of joy … My last words to her were “I love you and I’ll see you later.” Unfortunately, I didn’t see her again. But I’m glad I said I love you because it’s true, and I know everybody else loved her. Jill …we all love you, and you will not be forgotten, I promise.”
~ Jill’s Brother, Jason, age 13.

Click here to read Jill’s story.

Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists

cazb - Community InvolvementThe Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists is a statewide, non-profit organization that promotes all aspects of cycling in the state of Arizona. Its goal is to improve bicycling safety through educational programs, law enforcement, and transportation engineering. While the Coalition strives to inform bicyclists of bicycle safety and related issues, Driving MBA educates its students on sharing the road with Valley bicyclists by providing students information in both the classroom and simulation setting.

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