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Teen Driver Education & Assessments

Driving Simulator, Classroom and On-Road driver education for novice drivers of all ages.

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Driver Education for Exceptional Learners

We specialize in teaching students with challenges like ADHD and ASD.
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Driver education specifically designed for adult new drivers or adults looking for an assessment.
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Corporate Fleet Driver Training

Driver training designed to reinforce the need for a defensive driving mindset.

Because Standard Driver Training Isn’t Enough

For us, teen driver training isn’t just a business – it’s a passion. Teen crashes are the number one killer of teenagers in the United States, so we live and breathe our mission every day.

At DrivingMBA, our mission is to save lives. We believe in the power of education and providing our students training and tools based on research and science to help them become competent, responsible and safe drivers for the rest of their lives.

Setting Us Apart

01. Learning “how to drive” in a safe and controlled simulation lab

02. Specific on-road routes to meet measurable objectives

03. Coaching course for parents

04. Experiencing the dangers of distracted driving in a simulated environment

05. Experiencing hazards (ie: red light runners, head on collisions, dust storms) in our defensive driving lab

06. Completing a comprehensive on-road evaluation of skill to determine license readiness

of serious teen driver crashes are due to "critical errors"

Of newly licensed teen drivers exit the learner’s permit period with significant skill deficits

Teens are 10x more likely to be in a fatal car crash than adults

Why Parents Trust Us

This is what sets DrivingMBA apart from every other driving school in Arizona.

When it comes to safety, the bare minimum in driver education is not enough. DrivingMBA has developed a unique teaching method, developed by experts in childhood education, special education, teen brain development, and organizational psychology and training, to ensure students are prepared to drive safely and responsibly. 
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We Provide an Education that Lasts a Lifetime

We are firm believers in the power of “experiential learning” for both teenagers and adults. DrivingMBA’s programs are developed for novice drivers, professional drivers, mature drivers and drivers that need special attention.

Simulation is an important tool that allows both novice and experienced drivers to learn how to navigate “real world” distractions and surprises on the road, in a safe and controlled environment. Students can make mistakes and learn from them without significant consequences.


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You're in good company

Our customers realize the value of our driver training and appreciate the peace of mind it brings to know that their teen driver has the training needed to stay safe on the road.

Thank you so much Driving MBA. Two of my kids graduated from your program, and I am very happy with the results. I have 2 very safe drivers. I appreciate how well your program is run and all the excellent information you provide to both students and parents. Thank you for everything you do.

Susie Rojas

Google Review

I have three children, all of whom have done different driving schools to learn to drive. DrivingMBA is by far the most thorough, comprehensive, and effective driving school we have used. I feel my son is very prepared and is an educated driver. It costs more, but it is worth it.

Jennifer Groman

Internal NPS Review

Driving MBA we’re very good and patient with my 17 year old son. They spent a lot of time with him during his lessons and taught him above and beyond what I would have done. Highly recommended to teach your aspiring young driver. Thank you Driving MBA.

Alex Friedman

Facebook Review