Beginner Driving Fundamentals Program

This program is for pre-permit or permit drivers with little to no driving experience.  It is semi-private instruction utilizing Interactive Simulators.  This program allows inexperienced drivers to experience the fundamentals of driving before venturing behind the wheel of a vehicle on the open road.  The program is 8 hours in length and includes:

  • Four 2 hr. semi-private lessons designed to meet the following objectives:
    • provide a solid foundation of sound driver behavior that is reinforced through repetitive practice
    • interactively demonstrate problems that can arise while driving and provide feedback on proper actions and reactions

The skills taught are basic driving skills including hand and foot control, steering, entering and exiting roads, negotiating intersections and handling turns.  Additional skills developed are interacting with traffic, merging, exiting and passing.  Some advanced skills are introduced such as driving in inclement weather and some risky situations.

Beginner students are also required to complete the:

  • 2 hr. Responsibility of Driving class that focuses on developing a healthy respect for driving and the consequences of making poor choices behind the wheel.

Rules of the Road Class

The Rules of the Road Permit Prep Class is offered  to augment our Beginner program and assists students in developing a sound understanding of the Rules of the Road.   It is a 4 hour classroom and is designed to provide novice drivers with:

  • a review of the rules of the road
  • a comprehensive evaluation of their knowledge

A teenager is eligible for their permit at the age of 15 years and 6 months in the state of Arizona.  Any teenager under the age of 18 must obtain a permit and hold it for a minimum of 6 months before they are eligible for their licensing.  Even if a new driver is 18 years or older, we recommend getting a permit, receiving training and practicing driving for a minimum of 6 months before obtaining their license.









Chris Senderling

Haley McCoy