Parking Clinic

MVD Parallel Parking Exercise DrivingMBA offers a Parking Clinic that will focus on all different types of parking situations.  Students will work on:PC-img-e1430970648701 - Parking Clinic

  • Pulling into and backing into parking space
  • T-turns and 3 point turns
  • Parallel parking
  • Slalom Course


PC4-e1360555739328 - Parking Clinic Diagonal Parking

There is a short introductory class and then students are split into small groups and work with DrivingMBA instructors on all of the scenarios described above.   The clinic is 2.0 hours.

DrivingMBA does teach parking during the course of our on-road instruction, however, this clinic is an intensive for students that need or want more help with parking.  We use DrivingMBA vehicles so it is imperative that parents work with their students on parking their own vehicles as those are the vehicles that they will test in at the Motor Vehicle Division.


PC3-e1360555775748 - Parking Clinic Slalom Course The clinic is available to the general public for $120.00.  DrivingMBA students enrolled in a program can add a parking clinic for $80.00


​Scottsdale Clinics:  (Clinics are held on Sunday morning from 9 to 11)

  • February 7th
  • March 6th
  • April 10th
  • May 1st

Due to volume ALL clinics are held in Scottsdale.

T-Turn and Backing In Parking 

T-Turn and Backing In Parking