Parent Class – A “How to” Approach to Practicing with a Novice Driver

DrivingMBA is dedicated to educating the community about the topic of teenage driving.  This is the most dangerous time in a young person’s life.  It is essential that parents are equipped with information in order to make good decisions for their new driver and for their family.   When a novice driver is learning how to drive parents play a critical role in the driver training process.  Even if you are working with an adult novice driver, the practice phase is a very important part of the process.  For the “coach” it can be “scary” and for the new driver it can be “frustrating.”   This class is designed to assist those that will be practicing with their new driver in their role as coach.

The class begins with excerpts from a video on the teenage brain so that parents can better understand the brain development of adolescents and teens.  Brain mapping indicates that the adolescent brain does not fully develop until the mid to late twenties.  Instructors provide resources and advice on how to approach conversations and setting the ground rules from the beginning.  We provide practical tips on how to go from driving in your neighborhood to driving on surface streets and highways.  This class also gives parents the opportunity to interact with other parents and learn tips and techniques that work for others.

We offer the class at least once a month in each of our locations.  It is 3 hours in length and the objective is to prepare parents or anyone working with a novice driver for the task of practicing during the permit phase.  No matter how old a person is, it takes months of training and practice to become proficient enough to navigate today’s roadways.  This class is free when you sign up for a beginner DrivingMBA program or package.  Following are a few comments from folks that have taken our class:

“It didn’t seem like 3 hours – very informative!”  Andrea

“Learning the what to do’s vs. not what to do.”

“Explained how to work in the car without panicking.  It was very useful.  Knowing the key terminology to use.”

“Learned how to talk my teen through different circumstances.” Leah

“It reminded me of my bad habits and the need to change them and it taught me how to coach.”  Fred

“Knowing that what my teen is doing is normal and what to expect at the next stage.”

“They both put me at ease and were able to provide useful examples of everyday situations.  I thought the class was very useful.”  Michelle

“It gave me helpful hints to make my daughter a good driver and gave me ideas about household rules that can keep her safe.”  Stacy

“Learned the importance of being a role model and the need for me to improve my driving.”  Angie

Parent Class Dates

These classes are scheduled once a month, sometimes more often depending upon the demand.

Scottsdale Location:

  • February 22nd
  • March 5th & 22nd
  • April 1st & 26th

Chandler Location:

  • March 13th
  • April 12th