Corporate/Fleet Driver Training Programs

Our comprehensive corporate fleet driver training programs are divided into four types:

  • Classroom Only
  • Classroom & Simulator
  • Behind-the-wheel Observation & Coaching
  • Closed Course Driver Training

These programs are designed to reinforce and stress the need for a defensive driving mindset, and to review methods that can be adopted to minimize the exposure to hazardous situations while operating a vehicle at any time, but specifically while at work.

Our Driver Training Programs enable us to:

  • Engage participants utilizing a multi-media presentation with interactive exercises
  • Incorporate personalized feedback on scanning and reaction time using a high-tech simulator

If you have specific driver training needs such as DUI Awareness, Space Management, Speed Management, Hazard Recognition, or other specific emphasis areas, all of our programs are fully customizable.  We also have the ability to conduct driver assessments as well as behind the wheel observations.

Contact us at 480-948-1648 to design an assessment or program to meet your company’s specific objectives.

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