Driver Training Programs

Teen Driving Programs

Developed for pre-permit, permit and licensed drivers; Driving MBA’s teen driver education program is the only teen driving course in Arizona that combines classroom, simulation and behind the wheel instruction. Driving MBA’s goal is to create a no-risk, safe environment that enables teen drivers to experience every situation imaginable. We utilize state-of-the-art simulators similar to those used to train pilots, military personnel and police officers throughout the nation. Learn More

Adult Driving Programs

Many adults find themselves in need of learning how to drive later in life.  Driving MBA’s programs cater to new drivers of any age.  Our programs combine classroom, simulation and behind the wheel instruction to assist new adult drivers in gaining skill and confidence.  Driving MBA’s goal is to create a no-risk, safe environment that enables a new adult driver to experience every situation imaginable.     Learn More

Senior Driving Programs

You may be as sharp as ever, but maturing eyesight, hearing and reaction time could affect how you handle today’s busy roads. Ensure your driving ability is up to speed with Driving MBA’s Mature Driver Assessment. It takes approximately 2.0 hours and assists maturing drivers and family members in the decision making about driving in later years.    Learn More

Corporate/Fleet Programs Overview

FACTS:  “Studies showed that 80 percent of employee fatalities and most of the severe employee injuries result from vehicle crashes.”  (OSHA)  Your employee driver has greater than a 1-in-15 chance of being involved in a serious crash while on the job.

When that happens, will you be prepared?  Will you be able to protect your company, your livelihood, your job and your family from civil litigation?  Will you have the documentation showing your employees were trained in proper defensive driving skills?  DrivingMBA has programs to meet your specific needs.  Learn More


Driver Education Programs for Teens and Adults