The enormous toll of roadway crashes:

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Stop the Roadway Carnage

Every month we lose nearly as many people as were killed on 9/11.  About 7 times as many people will be severely injured.   Why do we put up with this when we know that over 70% of collisions are due to driver error;  yet most of our effort goes towards improving vehicles and roadways that only account for 30% of collisions. Why not better prepare people to be safer on the road in the first place.

Every day, in the United States over 6,427 people are injured on U.S. roadways. That is 268 an hour, 4.5 per minute.    An estimated 102 people lose their life every day. That is 4.2 per hour, or 1 every 15 minutes.  In Arizona, every day we lose approximately 2.5 people and 153 more are injured.