Improve your teen’s odds with Driver Training from DrivingMBA.
» Experience handling hazardous road situations and distractions in a safe, controlledand supervised environment.
» Learn the fundamentals and defensive driving skills needed to survive on today’s busy streets.
» Master the art of reflexive decision-making through immersion experiences
Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 15-20 year olds,
and 77% of teen crashes involve avoidable driver errors.
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"I have learned things in driving school (especially the defense driving school simulators) that I haven't and couldn't learn just practicing driving. The DrivingMBA class was 100% worth the time and money." - Marcus, Scottsdale Driver

Our mission is to keep teen drivers and all of us safe on the road. Our teen driving school keeps teens from making mistakes; mistakes that can be avoided.

Our simulation technology has been used to train pilots, soldiers, and police academies throughout the country, including here in Arizona, for its advanced officer driver training. The effectiveness of this type of driver training is indisputable, and Driving MBA has documented results that prove our driver education program works.

Our Driver training programs teach:

  • A better understanding of the mental skills required to be safe, responsible drivers
  • Safe driving habits
  • Better decision making skills, particularly in hazardous or dangerous situations
  • A better understanding of personal and vehicle limitations

Source: NCSA Research Report on Teen Driving Fatal Crashes